1 My Brother?

(Eliza's pov)

I was walking down the hall and saw a couple. My necklace (that my mother gave to me in order to control my power) started glowing and I looked at the boy. I walked over and the necklace glowed brightly. (A/N: Eliza's necklace glows when her family members are around).

The girl and boy looked at me. They noticed my necklace. "Ryan?" I asked. "How do you know my name?" He asked and I showed him a picture of our family on my phone. He froze but soon smiled. "ELIZA!" He hugged me and I hugged him back.

"Tori, this is my sister Eliza" he said and the girl named Tori waved. I waved back with a smile. "And this is my girlfriend Tori" he said. "Nice to meet you" I said. "You too" Tori smiled.

(Ryan's pov)

"so what are we going to do about Bridgette?" Tori asked and I thought. "who?" Eliza asked. "Bridgette. She is another fire user" I said. She came up with an idea and ran off. We followed her and stopped when she did.

We saw Bridgette and I saw Eliza's necklace glow again. "Sister?" She called and Bridgette turned around. "What?" She asked and Eliza showed her the same picture. "E-Eliza!" Bridgette said and Eliza nodded.

"I didn't know you had two sisters" Matt said behind me and I chuckled. "Neither did I" I said. Tori and Eliza ran off to practice their powers while me and Matt shook our heads. "Well, I guess I'll see you later, brother" Bridgette sneered and left.

"Whats her problem?" Matt asked. "Bridgette hated me as kids and still does" I muttered and he nodded. "Let's get to class" I nodded and followed him to our classroom. The girls joined us and I put my head on the desk.

This is a long school day! First, I meet my sisters. And then find out that Bridgette still hates me for no reason. But on the bright side, Tori and Eliza are getting along great! I hear the girls laugh.

(Tori's pov)

I waved Jamie over as she walked in. She sat beside us. "So what was it like growing up with a brother and sister?" I asked. I only have a brother and no sisters. "Stressful" Eliza laughed, making me and Jamie laugh as well. "Girls!" The professor snapped and we stopped.

We learned and took notes for the rest of the class.

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