9 Chapter 9

POV Nightshade~

My mind was foggy and jumbled as I woke up. I slowly opened my eyes only to notice them slightly foggy. I blinked them a few times trying to clear my vision. I noticed the wooden ceiling of a cage. I slowly sat up holding my shoulder to keep it steady. I looked at my shoulder and leg noticing that the arrows were still present in the wounds. I looked around taking account of my surroundings.

I realized I was inside the camp of the pillagers and ravages. I looked over at the cell next to mine. Of course with my luck it happened to be the king of the nether. He seemingly also fell to the pillagers but was not as badly wounded.

He turned towards me finally noticing me watching them. He seemed shocked to see me there inside a cage as well. He couldn't speak or the guards would take notice. I slowly stood up ignoring my wounds and limped towards the cell door. I looked at the lock and started looking for a key or something I could use to break it.

"Psst" I heard from my left coming from the king. "What are you doing?!" He whispered yelled at me keeping an eye on the guards. I pointed to the lock and made a breaking motion. He shook his head no and tried to motion for me to sit back down.

POV King Hades

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I watched them search for something to break the lock. I kept trying to get their attention but they refused to listen to me. My guards were on their way along with a garrison of 200. She found a metal bar laying in the corner and grabbed it. She limped back over to the lock and stuck it into the loop of the lock and yanked down.

She was applying quite amount of force of that bar. I noticed her leg and shoulder wounds started bleeding and started to rundown her arm and leg. "Hey! Stop your hurting yourself more." I whisper yelled at her starting to get worried. They looked at me and then to their wounds and went back to breaking the lock. I shook my head but quickly looked up when I heard the lock break.

They hopped out and started walking towards my cell slowly limping from the arrow. They walked to the lock and broke it as well. I jumped out and watched as they walked away. I quickly jogged after them and started to sneak beside them. The noticed my presence and pointed towards a tent.

I nodded and we both slowly snuck towards it. Trying to not drawn any unwanted attention. They grabbed my shoulder and pulled me behind some crates. I saw some pillagers March by the crates and kept walking. They nodded to me and we entered into the tent.

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