8 Chapter 8

POV Nightshade~

It was time for me to move again. I couldn't keep staying inside this cave as much as I wanted too. Being surrounded by water would hurt me as much as it did them. I miss the end and it's inhabits including the dragon.

I stood outside looking towards the forest watching for movement. Not seeing any I lowered the bridge and walked across. I checked my bag and took stock of what I had.

Bag included bandages, jerky, needle and thread, two water sacks, extra arrows, flint and steel, 3 potions of healing, and a golden apple.

My crossbow was attached to my back along with a quiver of arrows tired to my waist. I was ready for a good amount of time and for a fight. I walked deeper into the forest making sure to make little noise. I could make zero noise but I was slightly relaxed and was slightly off guard. I know bad idea especially when I'm being hunted by the king of the nether.

I stopped suddenly when I heard the honking of pillagers. I made sure my mask and hood were on and slowly crept towards them. There was a large group of them camping out in the forest. I spotted nether guard armor peeking through some bars. My eyes widened and slowly started to back away knowing this could cause a lot of trouble. As I was backing away got spotted but one of the look outs. I start running dodging branches and logs.

I can hear the ravages closing in on my position as I burst into a clearing. I start running across only to spot ravages and pillagers on the other side. I was closed in and they were getting closer. I grab my crossbow and started fighting back. I knew I wasn't going down without a fight no matter what. Suddenly in the middle of the battle I got hit with a weakness potion. I was already exhausted from fighting off at least 10-15 pillagers. They just kept coming and wouldn't stop. I collapse onto one knee and pant for breath trying to stand back up. I force my self to stand and keep fighting.

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I'm bleeding they managed to deal quite a bit of damage on me. I had an arrow through my right leg and my left shoulder. They hit me again with a weakness potion but this one was stronger. I collapse to the ground out cold from exhaustion and those potions. I was satisfied I had taken out about 40-50 pillagers before collapsing.

I could feel my body being picked up and my arms thrown over two people shoulders. My feel dragged through the dirt as I was carried towards their camp. I felt them take my bag and crossbow along with my quiver. My mind finally giving in to the darkness once I was dropped inside a cage.



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