7 Chapter 7

POV Nightshade~

I gasp sitting up fast but regretting it immediately. I slowly laid back down and stared at the ceiling reorganizing my thoughts. I recognize that I'm in my safe house and all my memories come flooding back. I slowly sit up and then stand being careful of my wounds. I grabbed my crossbow that was laying on the floor. I must have dropped it when I was getting ready for bed.

I walk to the medical bay and sit down grabbing stuff to check my wound. I grabbed bandages, my needle and thread, and also my sanitary cleaner for wounds. I opened the bandages only to find that the wound was almost completely healed. I sighed in relief but still confused on why I had healed so fast. I shrugged it off and headed towards my kitchen I had built inside this cave.

I cooked some beef I had collected before I was chased from my house. Knowing I had to be very careful with my food knowing it would be dangerous to leave this soon after arriving.

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She back to her work shop and grabbed a few pieces of spare cloth. She started sewing so she had an extra bag that she could use. Once she was done she stored it into her inventory and headed back to bed. She needed to get a lot of rest to be able to heal full.

—Few Days Later—

POV Nightshade~

Ok I need to hunt some meat and grab berries. I'm running out of food and bandages. I made a checklist as I walked towards the entrance. I knew this could be dangerous but I had no choice. I opened the door and extended the bridge walking across it as fast as possible.

Once on solid ground I run towards the forest. I jumped over logs keeping up my pace as I ran. I shot my crossbow and it struck a cow I quickly grabbed the meat and leather and kept running. I could tell someone was watching me as I ran. I kept up my pace making sure to not trip. I hear movement behind me as I ran through the forest following me just far enough to not be obvious.

I bolt towards my cave speeding up not wasting anytime to get back. I thunder across the bridge and throw down the lever. The bridge draws back to the cave and locks in place. I knew I was safe but for some reason I had a nagging feeling something was wrong and that I would soon know why.

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