6 Chapter 6

POV Nightshade ~

I had to keep running because I knew if they caught me things wouldn't be looking good for me. I could hear them running behind me crashing through branches and bushes. I had only one more place to run which was my safe house. I built it so I could hide in case my house was discovered or destroyed. It was a cave hidden behind a waterfall completely hidden from view. I knew I just had to get across the lake and get inside before they got to me. Since they get seriously injured from touching water it would almost be suicide for them to chase me through.

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I was knocked back into the chase when I suddenly tripped losing valuable running time. My wound was becoming very severe from my running and dodging. I quickly got up and kept running trying to keep ahead. But I could tell they were a little bit closer to me now thanks to me tripping. I quickly checked my wound and noticed I was starting to bleed through my bandages.

I quickly noticed I was close to the waterfall and sped up. The red stone bridge I built was almost in range so that once I got across I could destroy it. Effectively stopping them from chasing me any longer. I used my last bit of energy I had and threw my self across the bridge hitting the lever right before they got to the bridge. The bridge I created falling apart in front of their eyes. My cave was located in the middle of a massive lake so I could defend from all sides. The bad part is I had no way of getting away since I was in the middle of a lake.

I sat down exhausted heaving and panting from running so hard. The wound heavily effecting my running and dodging.I could tell the king was furious with me getting away just barely. I couldn't hear him but I could tell he was either yelling or scolding his guards. I stood up slowly after finally catching my breath wheezing once I noticed how bloody the bandages had gotten.

I slowly stumbled inside trying my best to walk with heavy blood loss. I stumbled into my  medical bay and grabbed my needle and thread from the shelf. I slowly started to stitch myself up doing my best to not pass out and to stay focused. Once I had effectively gotten myself sewn up and stopped the bleeding I stood up wrapped the wound after sterilizing the stitches. I slowly walked to my bed quickly got ready for bed making sure to not tear the stitches. Once in my t-shirt and shorts on I got into bed and fell asleep immediately.

POV ?????

I was furious that we lost them after almost having them in our grasp. I yelled at my guards for not being quick enough even though I knew it wasn't totally their fault. I walked away to think because getting angry wasn't going to help me I looked at the center of the lake I could see them slowly walking inside. It infuriated me knowing they were right there and that I could get them. I quickly walked back to my guards and started to give orders. I gave one more glance and noticed the sever blood loss. I gave orders to retreat knowing that they weren't going to be coming out any time soon due to their wounds.

I frowned and slowly walked back into the forest before entering I marked her location on my map and walked inside planning my next move. Knowing that this wasn't going to be the last time I fought with this warrior or chased them. "Finally a worth advisory for me to face may we meet again end warrior." I nodded towards the waterfall with and respectful smile to them. They were a warrior of honor and respect and I hoped to fight them again or maybe along side them and with that I turned and walked into the forest letting it's shadows swallow me form sight.

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