5 Chapter 5

POV Nightshade ~

It's been a few days since I saw the enderman in the forest. I decided I was going to go on patrol near the village and forest edge. It had been awhile since I had gone there and I was worried about them. I turned and grabbed my crossbow along with food, and bandages just in case. Because you never know when you might get injured. I walked out of my cabin and made sure to hide my tracks. I ran towards the village jumping and dodging branches and logs. Once I made it to the village edge I stopped in horror at what I saw. Nether guards were walking through the village gathering the villagers. They had put them all in a line near the front of the village. I jumped and climbed onto one of the roofs and jumped from roof to roof until I was in heating range. The king himself was standing up front with 2 guards beside him. She crouched down trying to slightly hide from view.

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POV ???~

"So does anyone here know of a end warrior near this village?" I asked as I paced in front of the villagers. None spoke up to my question they all stayed quiet. Not pleased I turned and walked back still pacing. "I know at least one of you know. We saw her run towards this village and then disappear!" The villager are starting to get nervous a few of the children were hiding behind their mothers. I noticed slight movement on one of the roofs closest to me. I glanced quickly and noticed a person in armor with a black hood and purple eyes. I quickly looked away so they didn't notice I had seen them. I quietly ordered my other guards to head to that roof without them knowing.

POV Nightshade~

I was slowly loading my crossbow and getting read to attack when I heard a sound behind me. I quickly spun around and shot landing a hit on one of the guards behind me. I started loading another shot as I dodged and side stepped. I quickly jumped down only to be attacked by a few more guards. They managed to land a couple of hits but nothing to serious. But while my back was turn one of the guards ran up and stabbed me with a small knife in the stomach when I had spun around quickly. I coughed up some blood and kicked him away. They backed off and the king walked towards me and I stood kneeling on on knee.


"Well well well look what we have here, trying to spy on us I see." Their eyes were glaring at me from their hood I couldn't see their face. "Are you going to give up or do I have to forcefully take you in?" I asked as I slowly walked closer. Suddenly a couple of enderman teleported and started attacking my guards I quickly look at them and turn back but by then they had ran away. I growled angered but noticed and small trail of blood heading away from the village. I smirked and then ran to help my guards before we started our chase.

POV Nightshade~

I limped towards the forest trying to speed up. My wound was starting to weaken me and I couldn't run. I wiped the blood from my mouth and walked into the forest still leaving a trail of blood. I leaned onto a tree to check some of my wounds and to try to bandage them. I had managed to at least slow the bleeding on the wound in my stomach but the others were still bleeding. I slowly got up and started to walk once more towards my house. When I started to hear foot steps approaching this way. My eyes widened and I started to run knowing they weren't too far behind me.

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