4 Chapter 4

It has been a few day since my encounter with the nether and it's people. I have not seen a sign from them since then. Which I'm my book is a good thing I need to make a plan. They could be gathering forces now getting ready to march this way. Wait I need to stay calm getting worried isn't going to help. Suddenly a knock on the door startled me out of my monologue and planning. I grabbed my weapons and slowly crept towards the door. I checked my window and relaxed it was just one of the villagers. I opened the door and quickly let him inside. The villager proceeded to give me a pouch of food and then turned to leave. "This is from the village as a thank you for protecting us" the villager said and then turned to leave waving goodbye. "Your welcome and thank you." I said as they calmly walked away into the forest. I closed my door and started packing a few things in case I needed to run. I walked into my pantry and checked my food supplies. To my surprise I was quite low on food which meant I had to start hunting.

I sighed and grabbed my things making sure everything was in order before leaving including my emergency golden apple and invisibility potion. I quickly left the house making sure to cover my tracks and quickly headed towards a meadow not to far from my house. It was a nice walk through the forest to the meadow. But I stopped and hid behind a tree when I heard the sounds of animals. Not to far in front of me was 3 cows and a chicken. I quickly loaded and aimed my crossbow. I pulled the trigger and shot, the arrow pierced through 2 of the cows and struck the 3rd killing all 3. I quickly sped over and grabbed the meat then turned and shot at the chicken who was trying to flee. I managed to get about 7 more animals amounting to a decent amount of food. By the time I started hiking home the sun was already setting and mobs were spawning.

The handy thing about being the end guardian is that the endermen are kind and listen to me unlike they would to players or people from other dimensions. A enderman had walked up to me warbling and carrying a block. I smirked and warbled back to it offering for it to join me. It nodded and slowly walked with me towards my house, we exchanged a few words and talked about blocks. Once I had reached my house a warbled good bye and walked inside. The enderman warbled bye and teleported away to steal more blocks from players.

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I cooked and stored the meat I had gotten from the animals. Making sure everything was in order before checking the end key. The end key is what protects the end all dimensions have one of these like the nether and overworld. The guardians can lock their dimensions if needed the end is currently locked. The reason the end wasn't locked during the war was because the queen wouldn't allow for it to be locked. She did not understand why the queen refused but she wishes she had asked.

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