3 Chapter 3

When she finally got back inside her house she checked her wounds, and realized what had just happened. She took a deep breath and walked to her table laying out the map that sat on it.

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"Hmmm I need to find where their portal so I know where they are coming from. I know he will come back with reinforcements so I need to be ready." She looked over her map trying to think where they might hide the portal. She marked a cave and the clearing in the spruce forest on the other side of the village. She quickly checked her crossbow and grabbed more arrows. She thought for a minute and then grabbed some splash potions of healing along with some fire resistance. Satisfied she walked out her door to start searching making sure no one was around when she left. She sprinted to the village and then slowly walked through it taking time to look around the corners.

She noticed everyone was still hiding so she sped up her pace and exited the village heading towards the cave first. As she ran over the grassy field she noticed a few animals eating and walking around. She spotted a few horse and made a mental note of them being there. She continued on and finally arrived at the cave. She noticed that it had taken her half a day to get there, but luckily the clearing in the forest wasn't to far. She walked in to the cave and searched for the portal. She didn't find anything besides a few skeletons and a creeper. Which she quickly killed and then preceded to climb out and head towards the clearing.

The sun was starting to set and she knew that she had to hurry unless she wanted to be caught outside with the mobs. As she got closer to the clearing she slowed her pace hearing something irregular up ahead. She slowly creeped closer making sure to not make any noise. She looked from behind a bunch of leaves stacked on the ground and found herself looking at a nether portal. She watched the portal for a few minutes when suddenly it started to react to something like someone was coming through. The nether king jumped from the portal followed by at least 6 guards. Just as he was about the start talking to the guards a skeleton shot an arrow at her. She jumped back making enough noise for them to notice.

POV King ???

As I was about to brief my guards on our task I heard a skeleton shoot and someone dodging. I quickly turned around and noticed a person standing there in a black cloak and purple armor. The cloak covered their face so I could get a good look at their face. They saw me watching them and started sprinting away I quickly yelled to my guards." Follow that person and bring them to me. I want them alive so try not to injure them." My guards took off running after them and I stayed by the portal thinking to myself.

POV Nightshade

I turned towards the kind and noticed I had been spotted so I turned and sprinted away as fast as my legs could take me. I head the king yell something but I was to far away to hear what he said. I turned to look behind me and noticed his guards were chasing me with swords drawn. My eyes widened under my hood and sped up knowing I had to lose them before I got to the village or home. I noticed a river and jumped in knowing the it would delay them since water kills them. I stepped out on the other side with severe burns under my gear.

I stopped to wrap my wounds and catch my breath. The guards caught up and noticed that I had crossed the river. They growled and looked around for a way across. Not finding one they slowly turned back and headed towards the portal. Knowing I was safe I ran back home deciding to stay inside for a bit.

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