2 Chapter 2

It had been 3 years since the end of the war and our end guardian had just woken up to start her daily tasks. Which included trading with the nearby villagers outside of her dark oak forest. The name she was given by the villagers was Nightshade. Since they didn't understand or know what a guardian was, she just told them she was an assassin for a living. Nightshade was now starting to collect everything for the day knowing things might get crazy.

She walked over to her crossbow which was laying on her table. She loaded it and put it inside her inventory. She grabbed what she wanted to trade and grabbed a bit of food. She almost forgot to grab her hood that went with her armor. Nightshade wore purple armor with black pants and a trench coat on top. She slipped into her black boots which were square like everything else in that world. Threw on her cloak and walked out the door while closing it behind her.

The forest was quiet and peaceful as she walked towards the village. The villagers were waiting at the edge of the forest waiting for her. Most of them traded with her so they liked to greet her when she first arrives. She stepped out and was immediately greeted by the happy faces of the villagers.

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She gave a slight smile and walked towards them carrying a small conversation with them. But while she was looking through the villagers stuff deciding what to trade. A villager sounded the alarm and rushed to warn the others. She quickly ran over to see what was wrong and if she would help. She cared for the villagers and didn't want them hurt. The villager preceded to tell her best it could that some one dangerous had arrived. She nodded and headed towards the town entrance. She quickly built up to one of the roofs and peeked over from the top. What she saw scared her, which was very hard considering she knew the ender dragon and the enderman.

Standing at the front of the village was the nether king himself, she slowly backed away but her foot steps gave her away. He turned towards the sound and got a glimpse of purple. Curious he watched for a bit longer then proceeded to walk back to the nether his curiosity being triggered by the village. He knew that he should bring back and decided to go back for the time being but knew that he would be back. Nightshade was hiding behind the house waiting for him to leave. She let out a sigh of relief when he did and proceeded to sprint back to her home, shaken up about what she just saw.

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