1 Chapter 1

POV ???

She hit the ground running hard trying to get as far away from the portal as possible. The war with the nether had ended a long time ago and there was peace for a while. With the old king dead who started the war, killed the end queen and her people except for 1. The new king ruled over the nether with an netherite fist and was ruthless in a fight. She knew if she was found she would have to shed blood to stay alive.

After awhile she slowed to a stop and looked around her. She had ended up in a spruce forest that had little red berry bushes around. Knowing what would happen if she touched the demon bushes, she decided to steer clear of them to be safe. She started walking farther and farther away trying to cover as much distance as possible. As the end guardian she was told to protect the end and she failed. She grew worried about what to do next she had no food and it was turning night.

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The mobs would start to come out and she knew it would get very dangerous. She quickly armed her crossbow and started running looking for shelter. Regretting not taking those berries she stopped by a river and noticed lights in the distance. She quickly swam across and ran towards the light and soon realized it was a village. She slowly stalked closer trying not to be seen. She noticed that the village was quite deserted and slowly came out from her hiding place.

She then realize she was being stupid and forgot villagers ran inside at night. She quietly walked through the village and noticed a large dark oak forest close to the village. As she walked in she realized that the forest she was in would be a good place to lie low for the time being. She crafted and built a little cabin and walked inside and just in time too. Not to long after a creeper and skeleton walked by. Relieved she walked to her room and decided to lay down know this was going to be the start of a very long journey...

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