14 Chapter 14

POV Nightshade~

I smirked under my hood as they argued until the kings decided to take a break before continuing their planning. I slowly creeped along following the kings making sure to keep them within hearing and visual range.

The skeleton king showed king hades his room and then left. I thought about following him but my place on this pillar was quite hidden from all sides. It was in the corner covered by a shadow.

I crouched down on the on the pillar and decided to leaned up against the wall that the pillar was positioned up against. It had gotten quite late and I was getting tired it had been a long day.

Before I knew it I had closed my eyes and had fallen asleep. I knew this wasn't a very good place to sleep but as a guardian you get used to falling asleep in weird places. Once I had fallen asleep in an air duct when I was on a mission. Let's just say I was very confused when I woke up.

————Time skip————

I started to noticed sound around me. People were talking and moving around not to far away. As I slowly opened my eyes I noticed I was high up. I quickly snapped into focus noticing I was not in my normal place.

I quickly got back into my normal mood and quickly looked around taking note of my surroundings. I was still inside the skeleton kings castle balancing on the pillar I fell asleep on. I quickly started running across the pillars searching for the kings.

After a few minutes of searching I finally found them in the dining room eating. I quickly moved into position and started collecting information.

The kings were talking about a few new plans on how to either trap of speak to me. As I listened to them talk I started wondering what his dimension was like. I thought about my dimension and how different they must be.

I quickly snapped back into focus and took out my research book. I started writing down my notes into the book on what I have found out. After a few minutes I noticed they had stopped talking. I moved slightly closer to the edge of the pillar taking noticed that I accidentally knocked down a rock.

They quickly took notice of the rock when it hit the ground. They quickly stood up and started searching the room. I quickly crouched down and hid in the shadows trying to avoid their attention. King Hades was the first to notice my presence.

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His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something but before he could I bolted out jumping from pillar to pillar. I could hear them chasing after me as I ran.