13 Chapter 13

POV Nightshade~

As I sat on the roof of that house villager made a path towards the castle for the nether king and his people. I noticed a larger carriage in the middle of the train. It was marked with the kings royal mark.

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The curtain inside the carriage pulled back and he looked out. I saw him look up so I quickly ducked behind the roof. When I looked back he had pulled the curtain back into place.

I let out a sigh of relief and started running across the roofs of the village. Following their train of carriages before jumping down and rolling under one of the carriages. I grabbed the bottom and held on as it entered the castle.

The kings carriage was the one I was clinging too to my surprise. After it moving for another 10-20 minutes it stopped in front of the castle and the carriage started to shake as someone was exiting.

Not to long later 2 feet stepped into my vision. They were a pair of boots I remember from not to long ago. The boots belonged to king hades who was now walking with some guards towards the castle. When no one was looking I rolled out from under and bolted into the castle.

I climbed into the high ceiling and jumped from pillar to pillar trying to get within hearing range and not get caught. I was able to keep up with them and not be seen since there was quite a few guards.

King hades walked into a room and started to wonder how I was going to get in. I noticed a one block opening in the wall by one of the pillars so I jumped to it. I ducked inside and crawled through. On the other side was a large library that had book cases almost to the ceiling which is what she was standing on. They were thick bookcases so they had no issue balancing on them.

I stalked closer finally within hearing of what they were talking about. To their surprise they were talking about Nightshade and what to do.

From what she could see from her book hiding place there were only two people in the room. Which were king hades and calcium the skeleton king.

From nightshades point of view

"We need a plan calcium and no we are not killing them!" King hades growled somewhat angry. "Well we could always knock them out and interrogate them?" The skeleton king suggested. It took a lot for me to not laugh because king hades had a bruh face on.

I snickered quietly as they kept arguing with each other. Trying to come up with a plan or at least something to go off of. After a while of listening to them argue she noticed they were starting to slow down and pause more often.

She armed her crossbow and got ready in case of a surprise attack. It never hurts to be too careful even more so when your behind enemy lines.

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