12 Chapter 12

POV Nightshade ~

It so was dark I couldn't see anything around me. It struck me suddenly that I was asleep and in my dream world. My mind came back to my body and I realized I was laying on some kind of fabric. It was soft like silk and was smooth to the touch. I could hear people marching around outside the tent. I could hear it flapping  from the wind blowing them around.

I could hear someone sleeping not to far away from me I think they were out cold tired. I slowly opened my eyes and started to look around. I sat up and looked towards my wounds that were covered in bandages. I slowly took them off and rubbed my finger over the wounds noticing the scars.

My wounds had already closed up and were scaring. I looked over to find the king asleep with no shirt on. I slowly stood up and walked slowly towards my stuff. I check the calendar on the wall wondering how long I had been asleep. My eyes widened under my hood when I saw the date. I had been asleep for 2 days and it was the evening of the third day. I quickly walked to my stuff and started packing my stuff.

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I grabbed my quiver and tied it to my waist. I latched my crossbow to my back and took and glance at the king. He was passed out exhausted on another bed not to far away. I grabbed some paper and started writing a note to let him know.

I grabbed my bag after I finished writing my letter and snuck out of the tent. All I left behind was the purple blood stained bandages from my wounds. I managed to avoid all the guards patrolling the camp. I jumped over their wall and ran into the forest. Just as I was about to enter the forest I heard people yelling from the camp.

The king or one of the guards must have noticed I was gone from the tent and was looking for me. I knew I owe the king for saving my life so I would harm him this time. I knew I had to pay him back some time In the future as a thank you.

I ran into the forest and kept running, I jumped over fallen logs and bushes in my way. After awhile I noticed I had ran into a spruce forest. As I walked I noticed a bunch of berry bushes around me. I grabbed a few of the berries and put it in my bag. I kept walking until I noticed a massive castle and kingdom.

I walked toward the kingdom and noticed that most of the buildings were made of bone. The inhabitants were skeletons and the animals were also skeletons. I slowly walked into town and headed towards the main square. The skeletons didn't pay me much mind and just went on with their day.

As I was wondering around the town I noticed a train of carts coming towards the kingdom. I almost face palmed when I realized who it was. Of course with my luck it was the king of the nether coming with his garrison. As I watched from one of the roofs of the village. I had jumped up here after I saw them coming towards the kingdom. I didn't really to get into more trouble with the king again.

So for the time being I was just going to observe them and see if I could gather info before getting involved In whatever they are doing or trading for.

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