11 Chapter 11

POV King Hades ~

We were almost to the camp and the end warrior still hasn't woken up. I was starting to get worried since it had been about 8 hours since they blacked out. I walked over the last hill and caught sight of the camp below us. I jogged down the hill and speed walked toward the entrance. I looked at the warrior and felt their head.

Their fever had gotten significantly worse from when we had stopped. The guards immediately took notice of me and hurried me inside. They asked me for orders and asked if I need anything. " Yes I need a medic you would think I would need one since I'm carrying someone!" I yelled at them. One of the guards ran to get a medic and I rushed to my tent that they had set up for me. I rushed inside and layer them on the bed inside. My hands had their blood on them from when I pulled the arrows out. I noticed their blood was purple completely convincing me that this was a end warrior.

My head guard and 2 medics burst into my tent. " Tend to them right now unless you want to lose your life." I growled to the medics and then pulled my guard out of the room. I heard the scramble over to them and start working. My guard looked over to me and kneeled down apologizing for not arriving sooner to save us. I glared at him wondering if I should yell at him or not.

I voted against it and just put my hand on his shoulder. " It is fine this time but next time you must be quicker because I might not be so lucky to have met the end warrior." I nodded to him and looked back towards my tent wondering when the medics would be done. "Sir you should get something to eat and replenish your health!" He told me and started to motion to the mess hall. I nodded and followed him to the mess hall. I was tired, hungry, and dehydrated I had to get something before I collapsed.

We returned about and hour later. We were walking relaxed until I spotted the medics waiting outside my tent for us. I sped up my walking and stopped infringe of them. They started to fill me in on their wounds and how they were doing. They had a severe fever and the wounds had been infected.

My face must have looked terrifying because the medics were shaking in their boots. I dismissed them and they bolted for the medical tent. I walked into my tent as my head guard waiting outside my tent. I walked over to them noticing some of their armor was torn and the bandages had been changed.

I watched them for a few minutes waiting to see if they would move. They didn't move an inch and didn't react to me picking up their hand. For the first time I really looked at their outfit and person. They were a few inches shorter to me and their armor was purple and black. They had armor on their chest, legs, boots, arms, shoulders, and face. Most of their armor was reinforced leather so they could move better.

Their armor was a dark silver color while their leather and fabric was black with purple of some parts. Like the shirt and shoulders. On their back was the symbol of a end warrior. Their leather gloves had chains around their wrist and they had metal on their knuckles.

The amount of damage they could do if they fought. I looked at their body not in a perverted way. They were quite toned and had quite a bit of muscle built on them. It wasn't a crazy amount but you could tell they had muscle under all that armor. Their quiver, bag, and crossbow were sitting on the desk beside my bed. I stood up and set my bed up since they were sleeping on mine.

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Before I payed down to sleep I took my shirt and armor off and laid it on the desk beside the bed. I laid down and looked over at the end warrior one last time before I myself passed out and entered the dream world.

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