10 Chapter 10

POV Nightshade~

She walked over to the chests that were inside the tent and started looking through them. The king was watching the entrance so we didn't get surprised. I found my bag, quiver and my crossbow. I swung my bag onto my back and retied my quiver to my waist. I grabbed my crossbow and hooked it back onto my back.

I stood up and grabbed his stuff and tossed it to him. He caught us and looked through it. I limped to the entrance taking notice of how much blood I was losing. But we didn't have time for me to remove the arrows and to sew them up. They weren't bleeding to bad the arrows stopping them from really bleeding hard.

I walked to the back of the tent and cut an opening into it. He looked towards me and I waved him towards the back of the tent. We walked out the back until suddenly an alarm went off. The pillagers had taken notice that we escaped our cells. I started to run into the forest I could tell the king was following judging by the extra foot steps behind me.

We ran about a half a mile away from the pillagers before we stopped. I collapsed to the ground and leaned up against a big oak tree. I opened my bag grabbing what I needed to tend to my wounds. The arrows had caused the wounds to bleed more from the running. I was starting to get really dizzy from the blood loss and dehydration. After I grabbed the stuff I had to sit their panting for a second.

The wounds had started to become infected and it was causing me a fever. He walked over not saying anything and raised his hand to my face. I tired to lean away not wanting him to take off my hood. But all he did was put his hand on my forehead checking my temperature.

I looked over to him confused but grateful at why he didn't take my hood and mask off. " I want you to take it off when you trust me more. Forcing you to take it off would only result in you hating me. I have no quarrel with you end warrior I just wish to speak to you." I watched him as he spoke looking for any sign my lies or malicious intentions.

I could find any to my surprise so I nodded in agreement and relaxed giving a little bit of trust. He nodded and crouched down grabbing my stuff and looked towards my wounds. He grabbed ahold on the one in my leg and look to me. I nodded and he pulled the arrow out with a swift yank. I held my breath and gritted my teeth holding back from yelling out in pain.

He started to sew the wound close and bandage it up. After he finished with my leg he started towards my shoulder. I was starting to get delirious from the blood loss and dehydration. I had lost quite a bit of blood from running and him pulling the arrow out. I was almost sitting in a pool of my blood.

He grabbed the last arrow and stopped when I flinched when he grabbed it. He looked towards my face and waited. He pushed my shoulder against the tree and got ready to pull. I looked over and nodded slowly I was very close to passing out.

He prepared himself and yanked the arrow out. I hissed out in pain ground my teeth. He started closing the wound immediately. Blood was pouring from the wound soaking my armor and clothes. He quickly started bandages the wound taking glances towards me. My vision was going black as I watched him wrap my shoulder.

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Just as he was almost finished my mind just couldn't stay awake any longer and I blacked out. He most likely took notice but I was too tired to care.

POV King Hades~

Just as I was finishing wrapping their wound their body completely relaxed. I quickly caught their body and put my fingers to their neck checking their pulse. It was still their beating but it was slightly faint from the blood loss.

I looked down at them realizing they had blacked out from blood loss. I knew we could stay here the pillagers could find us. I grabbed their stuff and picked them up bridal style. I started walking to the meeting point. I was going to meet up with my guards there along with the garrison.

I took one last glance behind us and kept walking towards the camp knowing we would be safe with my guards and one of my garrison.

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