Minecraft Across the Multiverse (Updated) Book

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Minecraft Across the Multiverse (Updated)


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I do not own Minecraft nor Rwby, I also do not own the cover and most of the art peices that'll appear within this story Rick is a healthy middle aged man that lives in CANADA. He has a loving family, containing his father, wife, two sons, a daughter, and his beloved cat. His family was a middle class one having no problems with money and enough to buy small unnecessary items. His hobbies include: fishing, picnicking with his family, playing with his cat, practicing taekwondo with his son, conversing and watching with his daughter, and playing games with his other son which is where the minecraft part comes in he died at 37 years of cancer god reincarnated with a minecraft system yada yada yada . . . . . . . . Enter Rick, 15 years old, an Axe in burly arms, hair as dark as black, eyes glowing green in the dark, and his silhouette show’s his growing cape.


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