18 water

Before i can think of anything to say the bell goes signalling first lessons about to start so i storm past everyone and go to my maths class,

"Beth can you come here please?"

Mr fisher asks so instead of taking my usual seat i head to the teachers desk "yes sir?"

"First i would like to say welcome Luna"

"Not you aswell, honestly is anyone round here human?"

"Theres a few humans, i everything ok?"

"Yes fine, so i guess this is about detention?"

"Err well yes, im too busy at the moment so im letting you off this once",

"Oh ok great, thanks sir"

"Look Beth are you sure everythings ok?"

"Well sir i really have somthing to sort out, can you write me a note to go home?"

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"Yes of course" he says as hes writing me the note, as soon as he signs his name i grab it and head to the door ignoring Luke who is watching me "thanks sir" i say as i shut the door behind me and run to my car,

"Where are you going?"

Luke keeps asking me questions in my head but im refusing to answer him,

"Please, talk to me princess?"

"I didnt know she was going to challenge you ",

"Where are you?"



"Answer me?",

I block my mind because i dont want to be thinking about Luke right now and head home,

"Mom, mom?"

"Hey Beth,whats up honey?"

"Wheres Jerry?"

My mom frowns "hes at his house why?"

"I need to see him" i say and storm out the house again and head to pops house,

"Hey kiddo, your mom said you were on your way to see Jerry"

"Hey pops, do you hate me?"

"And why would i hate you little darlin?"

"Well because of mom and Jerry"

"Ahhh yes that was a bit of a bombshell wasnt it, but no i don't hate you and if im honest i would rather Jerry then that loser poor Gem got for a father so stop worrying, past is past and you and Gem are the future little lady, ahh heres Jerry now"

"Beth, whats up?" Jerry asks, so i tell them both all about Shannon and how she challenged me,

"Ok so we train" Jerry says.

They both spend the whole day teaching me to punch, kick and block properly and Jerry tells me im a natural.

While we are eating lunch Jerry comes to a decision "right Beth this afternoon me and your pops here are both attacking you at the same time and we wont be holding back"

"Now just hold on a second Jerry, she only started today" pops says

"Yeah and i think shes gonna do great"

Before pops can argue further i stand up and say "come on lets do this"


"Pops its ok , i promise ",

So we spend the next few hours with me getting my butt kicked, i was getting so frustrated with constantly being on the floor then pops accidentally kicks sand in my eyes,i brush it out but i am fuming and as i stand there with my hands clenching pops and Jerry look behind me with wide eyes so i turn and see a giant ball of water has arisen from the sea and is swirling menacingly, wait did i do that? I move my hand to the right and the ball speeds in that direction then i do the same left and again the ball goes where i want it so for the final test i zoom it over to Jerry and pops and splay my fingers outwards as if to release the ball,

Jerry and pops splutter and wipe the water out of there eyes as they stand there soaking wet looking at me in amazement.

I spend the rest of the afternoon practicing what i can do with water and have found that i can not only use water but theres other stuff i can do, for instance i wanted the chocolate bar Jerry was about to bite into, pops roared with laughter when he chomped into thin air whilst i tasted the chocolatey caramel, i can also sommon things i want, pick things up like the big boulder i moved and i also nearly created a tsunami which probably wasnt one of my greatest ideas, but the more i practiced the better i seemed to be getting.

In the evening me,Jerry and pops sat watching the waves when a growl makes me jump, Jerry chuckles as Luke comes stomping out from behind the house "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT ANSWERING ME" he yells,

Pops looks at me and raises his eyebrows and Jerry elbows him "Luke,her mate"

"Oh right" pops says with a smile

"WELL" Luke yells standing directly in front of me,

"Dont yell at me" i say quietly

"I WILL BLOODY YELL AT YOU WHEN YOU DON'T ANSWER ME WHEN I CALL " he yells, so i look directly at him and do what i haven't tried to do yet, i pick Luke up with my mind "ahhhhhhhhh"

Then i push him towards the sea while hes yelling then i drop him so he lands on his butt and deep enough in the water for him to be soak "what the hell was that?" He yells sitting in the water soaked, pops and Jerry are roaring with laughter but stop when i turn to look at them "its only shallow, its not like its gonna hurt him" i say and can still hear there laughter as i stomp off.

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