4 Late

Before my next class i head to the bathroom to calm myself down a bit, im not sure why but my heart feels like it's going to come out of my chest, as i was leaving the classroom all i wanted to do was run back to luke and never leave him, i swear im going insane.                                                         Once i have splashed water on my face and calmed down a bit i look at the time "great , now im late", so i rush out of the bathroom and head to maths, the class is already there when i rush in and everyone laughs but i don't care "you're late!!!" Mr Fisher snaps "sorry sir i was in the bathroom", i stumble through a quick apology before he replies "i don't care, now find your seat or its detention", so i hurry to an empty seat at the back of the class and pull out my books as Mr Fisher starts droning on about today's lesson but im not really listening, i have an uneasy feeling and that's when i look up and from across the room a pair of bright blue eyes are staring at me, im like a deer in headlights, i can't stop staring back and i didn't realize before but im also holding my breath.

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