16 I feel you

On the drive back I told Luke what Queen Lanna had said hoping he would at least be able to explain what she meant but he was just as stumped as me so I spent the journey thinking about what Luke had said to me, just the thought of him calling me princess gave me butterflies in my stomach and if im completely honest I kind of like the way he was possessive of me "what's going on in that head of yours princess?" Luke asks jolting me out of my thoughts, I look over at him and blush "well with a blush like that im gonna guess im the subject in question" he laughs "hmmmm presumptuous aren't you?" I say and scoot closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder, I feel him kiss the top of my head before I drift off to sleep.                                                            "Hey princess we are here" I slowly open my eyes to see luke looking down at me so with a big yawn I raise my head  "hey, do you know why i haven't got my wolf yet ?" i ask him, it had been bugging me but i didn't want to appear stupid so i had kept it to myself until now, Luke looked at me  and said "well no i haven't a clue, mast people get there wolf when they are about 17 but your wolf clearly shows herself  so that's a good thing, i was thinking i should  take you to go see my parents this weekend, maybe they would know " "What, you want me to meet your parents?" i say all of a sudden terrified but Luke just chuckles "your so cute but yes i want you to meet my parents and they can't wait to meet you "  "oh so you have told them about me?" i ask " of course i have, " Luke says while hoping out of the truck  and before i have time to open my door there he is opening the door for me, i give another yawn and go to hop out of the truth but before my feet hit the floor Luke has scooped my up in his arms bridal style   "come on princess, time for bed" im about to jump out of his arms but he just pulls me closer to him and says "don't even think about it" so i snuggle my head into the crook of his neck and inhale his woody,cherry like scent and fall asleep utterly relaxed , a little while later im sure i hear voices but cant bring myself to open my eyes then i feel the softness of a bed under me and my shoes and socks being removed before a quilt is pulled over me just then a question pops into my head and i mumble to get it out "Luke , whats gon gon gonna hahaaapen at school tomorrow?, Shaaaannon thinks your her boyfriend" "well princess, Shannon and everyone else will learn different, you will see, anyone who knows what we are will bow to there luna, now sleep my princess", and just like that im in a deep sleep again.                                                                                                                                                     "Come to me your mine, i need you, help me please help me, princess heeeeellp" my dream jolts me awake and i realize all these months i have been having these dreams and the mysterious person is Luke, but this time he's asking for help, im panting and get up and start pacing the room i want to hear Lukes voice to know he's ok but i have never got his number from him and have no way of contacting him but i can't seem to calm myself down, i need to know he's safe, i need to see him and for the first time ever i can hear my wolf clearly but shes just saying one word over and over again " mate mate mate mate mate" i can't think i need Luke " hey princess what's wrong?" i jump and land on my butt before i pull myself up and launch myself at Luke who is pulling himself through my bedroom window "hey baby, princess whats happened ?" but before he has a chance to finish what he's saying i start kissing him, he kisses me back and carries me back to the bed where he lays me down and cuddles into me, i didn't realize but i am crying tears are streaming down my face and Luke just lets me cry while holding me and kissing my tears away.                                                                                                                                         Once I finally manage to stop crying I tell Luke about the dream and he frowns "what?" I ask he looks at me "well, i haven't marked you"                                                                                                                    "so"                                                                                                                                                                                                "so, i shouldn't be able to know what your thinking or be able to feel you, and yet you have a dream and i feel your pain then you want me here and here i am, Beth i could feel you,i felt your pain and i heard you calling me, why do you think im here?"                                                                           "you mean i can call you from that far?"                                                                                                                     "looks like it, now sleep, we can test it tomorrow "                                                                                                 "bu bu but i can't sleep"                                                                                                                                                       "shhhhhhhh im here princess im not leaving" and with that i curled into him and fell back into a dreamless sleep with him kissing away any concerns i had

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