Mine To Protect

Author: Lennin_Lucky
Fantasy Romance
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What is Mine To Protect

Read ‘Mine To Protect’ Online for Free, written by the author Lennin_Lucky, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A clash between werewolves and humans leaves lovers at the mercy of betrayal, lies, and war. Natalie, soon to be alpha i...


A clash between werewolves and humans leaves lovers at the mercy of betrayal, lies, and war. Natalie, soon to be alpha is saddled with the troubles that come with the crown. To worsen things, she is mated to a human, Hendrix. With the other packs at rivalry for their union, she is left with a tough decision, to marry Dante, the son of her late father's enemy, and save her pack, or stick with her human mate and drive her pack to ruin. When she finally chooses a path, she finds herself weak, and at the mercy of death's cold claws, as she is brutally pierced by betrayal, deep and hard. Just when Natalie makes her decision, she finds out she's pregnant for the human. Her baby who turns out to be a hybrid and one of its kind, bears the burden of his nature and the past of his parents. Excerpt:   "Hendrix, tell me, are you okay? It's just the both of us, you don't have to fake it."   "I'm fine." He gently tugs my hand off and untangles himself.   My heart sank, but then again, I may be overthinking things.   "Have you had something to eat, is your papa around? Can I..."   "Lady Natalie, I'm fine. You can stop worrying now."   Words escape me. I'm definitely not overthinking things. We may have only spent a few days together, but I can swear that it feels like I've known him for a lifetime.   "Lady Natalie?" I scoff. "Hendrix would never call me that."   "Maybe he died in the pack house." His obstinate self defends.   "No, he died here, or maybe on his way home." Because I felt the passion in his touch and now? It's gone.   "What are you doing here?" He asks.   Taken aback, I only stare at his suddenly huge frame.   "If what I heard and saw in the main chamber is true, you shouldn't be here."   "Disregard them. They can't dictate how I live and who I choose to be with." I'm careful not to use the word 'love'.   It's for the weak.   "Unlike you, they can with me."   "I'm the next alpha, you're safe with me."   "And I don't feel safe. It doesn't feel like it, I'm sorry." He bluffs. "It's best you leave, for the both of us. This thing would cost us dearly and I can't afford the luxury. It's already forbidden for me to be here and talk more of being with their alpha."   "Thing?" I fight back tears. He doesn't respond. "Goodness!"   I can't cry in front of anyone. I tell myself... But right now, I can't follow my own orders. Tears fall freely, and I cuss beneath my breath.   "You want me to leave?"   He keeps mute.   "Like I'm so stupid to chase the wind?" My voice breaks. "I will take your advice and go be with Dante if that makes you happy." I turn to leave.   "You're not stupid... Natalie." His voice is shaky.   I stop on my spot. He called my name, I sob.   "But the longer you remain here, the more unforgivable our sin becomes."   I spin to face him, my eyes on him.   "And who cares about their forgiveness? I don't or do you?"   I scan his face and wish he would lie to me, even though he does care.   He doesn't speak... Perhaps, I shouldn't force this.   I turn to leave when firm arms grip my waist, spin me around, and press me on his firm bosom.

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a few chapter in and I'm in love with the book. I will say the writee has a fine grasp of her description, although it's centered in an imaginary world and it's a no-brainer figuring how it looks like. Also i love that it's not the random love triangle. the lives at stake and the twists are epic! Lovely piece. Have i talked about the steamy scenes! it's fire. jeez! i felt like a teen again. from the number of chapters and dates of release, i guess it's not a bad decision adding it to my list. nice job once more. keep it up.


Nice job Lennin. I’m not a fan of werewolf or paranormal, but I like that I can relate to Natalie. Can I get a sneak peak at the end of the book 🤲😩 I don't like suspense


Great piece. I'm not yet done, but I feel like I should comment. Please y'all like my comment. Plus I'm loving a female alpha story. Lemme go back to where I stopped. Lol


Not to exaggerate, but it's a 7/10 for me. I like what the author is doing with everyone of the characters. Their distinctiveness stands out. Good job. I love me some Natalie


Well done 🙏 it's a nice read. Oops😔 I'm not the first to comment. I hope you wouldn't fail in uploading subsequent chapters, most writers do, and it just leaves us in suspense.


It's a 9/10❤️ nice work. I can't wait to know if their sacrifices will pay off. I love the setting, and the choice of character. You barely see novels with female lead, and I love that Natalie is strong headed


I love every bit of this book. I could relate to their pain, struggles, ups and downs, broken pieces, and beautiful whole. I had fun writing it, hope you have more than enough fun reading it.


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