25 Who Are We Waiting For

Aizen now sat between Ana and Axel in the back seat of a multi-function car driven by Ronald.

"Thanks for the help, big brother, I think the boy has been rammed to death." The dark brown pigtail haired girl with a petite body opened the conversation.

"No worries." Aizen only exchanged pleasantries.

"My name is Selena Eren, Ronald's little sister. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Aizen."

Hearing a short answer from Aizen who seemed not to want to answer much more, Selena now glanced at the girl on Aizen's side. "Um... Big sister, you are so elegant and beautiful... May I know your name?"

Hearing the question of his little sister, Ronald grinned as if saying 'Good job!' while stealing glances at them. Ronald who also realized they were high-class nobles did not even know the names of those two beautiful girls who were with Aizen.

"Hehe... Thank you, we are his wife." Ana answered casually while looking at Ronald who glanced at them.

Aizen just let it go, knowing what Ana meant by that.

Selena who did not get any information from them, even the lady's name or their noble status realized Ana who had just answered her look at her brother instead of herself. Then she turned her gaze and saw her brother who stole several glances backward.

"Brother! You're driving! Look forward! What happens if we hit into someone again!"

"Uh! Yes! Yes..."

Selena pouted as if to say 'What's with that obscene look. Look, because of you, I didn't get any information from them!'

Their short journey to the airport ended in silence. However, at the same time Aizen, Ana, and Axel are talking in their minds.

'Brother Aizen, what should we wear at the party later?'

'A party hosted by City Lord is more like a banquet party. Since no dress code is included, an evening dress like the one you wore yesterday was good too. '

'That's not good... I want something special. Master Aizen, you must choose a dress for us to wear at the party later~ '

'Hum! Hum! Sister Axel is right!'

'Well... I'll choose the best dress for you later.'

Axel and Ana answered with a sweet smile. They finally arrived at the airport and headed straight for Ronald's private plane, which was ready to take off.

"Mr. Aizen. This is my fastest private jet. Come on inside and we will take off immediately." Ronald invited and entered first.

They entered a medium-sized passenger room that looked more like a lounge. "Please sit wherever you like, even though this plane is very fast but we don't need to use seat belts because this plane is very stable."

Hearing that Aizen sat down on the soft sofa with Ana and Axel who immediately sat on both sides, while Ronald and Selena sat next to each other on the other sofa next to Aizen.

Ronald who saw everyone sitting down immediately ordered the pilot to take off using [Axtia Device] around his neck.

Ronald's words before are true. This plane is more stable when compared to other commercial or military aircraft. They are currently flying toward Stanford City at a normal speed.

"Brother Aizen, how long will we get to Stanford City?" Ana asked nonchalantly seeing the speed of the plane that they were riding was very slow.

"Hm... If this plane keeps going at this speed then we need about ninety minutes to get there."

"What! It took that long!? Mr. Ronald said that his plane was very fast!"

"Ugh! Beautiful sister there... My plane is very fast compared to the others. If this plane goes full speed it only takes an hour to get to Stanford City!" It seems like an intentional insinuation by Ana is hard to swallow by Ronald.

"Hmph! Who is your sister? If it's that long, I'd better sleep first!" Ana ignored the dissatisfied look given by Ronald and leaned her head on Aizen's shoulder before hugging his arm.

'Naughty.' Axel muttered in her mind and leaned her head on Aizen's shoulder too before closing her eyes.

'Hehehe...' Ana smiled mischievously and closed her eyes as if sleeping.

Aizen can only smile wryly at their actions.

"Mr. Aizen. If I may know, which noble are you from?" After Ronald saw the two girls who seemed to dislike him seemed to be sleeping, he started talking to Aizen after ordering the pilot of their plane to increase the speed.

"You might find out after we are at the banquet party later. How about you tell yourself first?" Aizen offered softly with a suspicious smile on his face.

"Alright. I am the eldest son of the Eren family who has just become a high-class aristocrat..."

The rest of their small talk continued with Ronald and Selena telling about themselves followed by a few questions they asked Aizen. Ronald now truly believes that Aizen came from an upper-class aristocrat or more after hearing his political knowledge and noble information.

Although Aizen has not revealed his identity, Ronald does not dare to offend him because of several personal concerns.

Their simple conversation ended after Aizen excused himself to rest knowing that their journey to Stanford City was still quite far away. Ronald and Selena could only agree and also take a short break.

Even though Aizen said that he wanted to take a rest, he actually accessed the updated data from [Axtia Goddess] which had been transferred to their database. But after tracing for a while he could only sigh with disappointment.

Most of the information is only about events that have occurred, detailed information on the entire population, and so on. All this information is not very useful for Aizen, with the decline in technology on the planet Mars he did not expect much.

'Ana... Axel... are you sleeping?'

'I'm awake. Right now I'm hearing your heartbeat.' While Aizen was searching the newly updated database, Ana changed her position by leaning on his chest right above his heart and hugging his waist after putting his arm around her waist.

'I'm still awake too. What is wrong?' Axel who was hugging his arm asked seemed concerned.

"Looks like we won't be long on Mars before we double-check planet Earth and go to Zavier."

'En... That's fine.'

'Hum. All right.'

"Mr.Aizen, We've arrived at Stanford City." Ronald said as if to wake them. Their plane just landed.

"We've arrived, let's wake up sleepyhead." Aizen seemed to open his eyes first and pretended to wake the two girls.

"Mr. Aizen. The banquet party will begin in about seventy minutes. Are you going to the banquet party wearing those clothes?"

The clothes that Aizen, Ana, and Axel were wearing were still the casual clothes they had worn while dating previously. Realizing this, Aizen smiled awkwardly. "Of course not."

"In that case, I have a collection of official party costumes for nobles in the dressing room. You can wear them for the banquet party later." Ronald pointed at the room next to them which contained many men's and women's clothes.

"We're fine, you can change first."

"Then we excuse ourselves." Ronald answered casually.

Seeing Ronald and Selena taking some clothes and dresses for the party later in the dressing room and immediately entering the other room, Aizen smiled while staring at Ana and Axel.

'Then let me choose a dress for you.'

'Okay.' 'Um.'

The three of them enter one of the empty rooms and Aizen immediately sort out the collection of dresses and clothes they have with the [Axel Goddess] System and chooses the clothes that the three of them will wear before immediately changing clothes in the same room.

Aizen is currently wearing set of a black royal suit with a reddish-gold accent that adorns the costume, while Ana is wearing a black evening dress set with a combination of red roses and red accents that adorn her entire dress, and Axel is wearing a white gold evening dress set with gold accents that adorn the dress.

Feeling enough, the three of them immediately came out and were welcomed by Ronald and Selena who had finished dressing. Ronald looked stunned and Selena seemed fascinated to observe. After a while, they recovered and immediately apologized.

"Ah! Sorry for our impoliteness."

"But still... Mr. Aizen and the ladies, you look very charming."

"Yes! Mr. Aizen, you are very prince charming. And big sisters who have not yet given their names, you are so beautiful and look like daughters of heaven." Selena seemed to praise them even though there was still dissatisfaction in her words.

"Thank you for that. You are also beautiful and cute." Ana praised her back while Axel just thanked her.

Ana is actually reluctant to tell her name because Ronald seems to have another agenda and Selena looks suspicious to her, whereas Axel just doesn't care about them.

"Are those clothes from my collection? I don't remember having clothes and dresses that beautiful before." Ronald murmured softly like talking to himself while scratching the back of his head.

"No. Sorry about that, but we have prepared our own clothes beforehand." Aizen returns Ronald's soft murmur casually. Although Ronald was still confused about where the clothes were stored because Aizen did not bring a bag or anything, but he did not think too much about it and immediately invited them to go along with him to the car that had been waiting for them for some time.

They immediately left for the main mansion of the Stanford family with a long black limousine. Arriving at the mansion area which could be said to be very large after entering using the main gate which had been visited by many nobles from other cities, they immediately descended from the limousine.

Ronald and Selena seemed very excited because this was the biggest banquet party they had ever attended despite their very different goals. Ronald wants to expand connections for personal gain while Selena just wants to have fun meeting lots of noble families.

"Alright ladies, let me escort you." Aizen offered his elbows which are warmly welcomed by Ana and Axel who immediately accept them and wrapped each of his arms.

Ronald and Selena who walked ahead were followed by Aizen and his two girls. At the main entrance, there was an old man who seemed to be in charge of registering anyone present at the banquet. Aizen saw Ronald taking out a gold-colored card and giving it to the person in charge.

But when it was Aizen's group turn he seemed to ignore them, he thought they were from the same group as Ronald because they got out of the same car and walked together here. Aware of that, Aizen just walked in to follow other nobles who had just entered like them.

After entering into a very large central room and filled with many nobles from various cities, Ronald and Selena parted ways with Aizen on a different agenda.

Their arrival did not get much attention because the banquet party had not yet begun and many nobles were not present.

"Time is still early. How about we take some snacks and sit over there." Aizen pointed to a less prominent place in the corner.

"Alright then." "Um."

Even though they were currently sitting in a corner of the room but there were still some nobles who came to them and exchanged pleasantries.

Because of their beautiful faces and the amazing clothes they wore, other aristocrats thought they were from upper-class nobles or above. The small talk was answered Aizen lightly but with the many people who took turns coming to make Ana and Axel feel dissatisfied. Seeing the ladies who seemed annoyed, other nobles began to diminish and provide fresh air for them after Aizen excused himself to be left alone for a while for personal reasons.

After a few moments had passed and it seemed that all the nobles were present because no more people came from the main entrance, Aizen felt something was wrong because the banquet party had not yet begun with a welcome or anything after twenty minutes had passed from the time the banquet party should begin.

Right now all of the City Lord families in each city had gathered in the central room and it seemed like they were waiting for someone. Other nobles only whispered softly questioning what happened to each other.

'Master Aizen, why hasn't the banquet party started yet?'

'What's with this silence?'

'Hmm... Since all City Lords are present, the banquet party should have started.'

"Why hasn't the banquet party started yet? Who are we waiting for?"

Instantly silence enveloped the room and all attention was directed at Aizen's group.

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