91 Peak Squad’s New Look

Early next morning, Zhou Zeyu and Lu Haixuan, who knew exactly Yun Che didn't come back for sleep, waited at the stairway. Seeing Yun Che coming down with Xing Feng, they held him up and took him to their room forcibly, leaving him no chance to explain. Leng Yehan, unusually, was sitting on the sofa in the room. He gave a cold look at Yun Che who was pushed in, and didn't plan to say anything.

"Che, you're serious with Captain Xing?"

Zhou Zeyu and Lu Haixuan locked the door and followed in. They seated themselves across from Yun Che and asked seriously. Yun Che forced a smile and slowly lit a cigarette for himself before he replied, "What do you mean serious? You saw us, didn't you?"

Instead of being as nervous as them, Yun Che looked indifferent. They were in the doomsday. Even before the doomsday, homosexuality had been popular all over the nation due to the advanced network. Heterosexuality, instead, was the non-mainstream. Even a poor student like him who focused on working heard of it. He was sure they knew. Why were they so surprised?

"We don't mean to object. Homosexuality, that's no big deal. Under such a cruel living condition, instead of finding a weak girl, it's better stay with a man. But Che, we don't know who Captain Xing really is. But military forces fear him. He must have a strong backing. Don't you fear his families may object or break you up forcibly?"

Zhou Zeyu hurriedly sat over and explained. He was worried if Yun Che would be aggrieved, though no one had managed to aggrieve him so far. If someone dared to, he was certainly dead. But Xing Feng had a strong backing. It must be hard to deal with his families.

"Well… you've watched too many soap operas. Even if his families object, what does that concern me? Don't underestimate me, boy!"

Holding his head with one hand and putting his elbow against the arm of the sofa, Yun Che replied archly. He knew what his subordinates were worried about, but they didn't need to. Since he dared to be in a relationship with Xing Feng, he had nothing to fear. Even if Xing Feng's families objected, that would be years later. No groundless worry was necessary at this moment.

"Fine, then. Since you've made up your mind, we won't argue. But have you thought about how to tell your sister? She's expecting you to marry a woman!"

Zhou Zeyu didn't want to argue more, because he knew the more indifferent Yun Che looked, the less he cared. Anyway, if something really happened, they would have means to resist. As members of Peak Squad, they were never afraid of anyone.

"Well, look. Boss Xing is handsome, well-built, and powerful. My sister will be happy to have him as my other half, I guess."

Yun Che suddenly sat up straight and counted Xing Feng's advantages with his fingers. Zhou Zeyu and Lu Haixuan were speechless, corners of whose mouths twitched. "Don't you know your own sister? Why do you ask us?" thought they.

"He's a man. For this, your sister wouldn't be happy."

Leng Yehan suddenly turned around at Yun Che and asked directly. Yun Che gave a grumpy look and replied, "Believe it or not, I won't let you see Yun Cheng again."

Damn it! Couldn't Leng Yehan say something flattering? Yun Che was already annoyed!

All right. Leng Yehan gave a speechless look and remained silent.

"Forget it. Don't bother… My hair is getting longer."

Yun Che ran his fingers through his hair irritably and realized that his crew cut grew much longer.

"Long? My hair is longer, all right? I wonder if there's a barbershop in the base… What's this…"

Zhou Zeyu pulled his fringe which covered his eyes. Before he finished his words, something hurtled into his arms. He took it up and it turned out to be an unopened pair of clippers. "Why do you give this to me?"

Zhou Zeyu failed to understand for the moment. He waved the clippers and asked with confusion.

"Come on. You're already a chatterbox. Why are you even an idiot? Clippers are used to shave your long and sissy hair! Or can you use them to shave the beard?"

Before Yun Che stood up and left, he ridiculed Zhou Zeyu.

"Fuck! Who is going to shave his head? I'm not a monk! Oh, no. Yun Che, who do you think mean sissy?"

Too slow to react quickly, Zhou Zeyu threw away the clippers and waved his arms behind Yun Che. The latter, however, had walked into the bathroom and totally ignored Zhou Zeyu. BANG! He shut the door.

"You know what? I feel it okay to have a bald head. My hair won't sway before my eyes, at least. Give them to me if you don't want them. I just feel my hair is too long and it's not convenient when I kill zombies."

Lu Haixuan took up the clippers Zhou Zeyu threw away with satisfaction. He was tall and rugged, unlike Zhou Zeyu who looked exquisite. Having a bald head wasn't a problem at all.


Leng Yehan quite agreed. Zhou Zeyu was too speechless to lose his temper. If all of them shaved their head, he would be unsociable with some hair. How annoying! Why weren't there any normal guys in Peak Squad?

Early half an hour later, Yun Che went downstairs. When people having breakfast saw him, the world seemed to be abnormal.


Chu Haoling spat out the soybean milk he just drank.


The deep-fried dough stick in Zhan Yafei's hand dropped the on the table.


The coffee cup in Xing Feng's hand hit the coffee plate.

"Un… uncle…"

Chenchen's mouth fell open with disbelief.

"Che, you…"

Yun Yao opened her mouth slightly, pointing at him with trembling fingers.


"Come on, Che. What happened to you? Why are you turning into a monk? Haw-haw…"

"Oh, dear… I'd die laughing… Che, stop making fun, all right? I'm laughing my head off…"

"Haw-haw… Che, what happened to your hair? Oh, Yafei, I can't stand it…"


At last, everyone in the dining room burst into laughter, nobody knew who started it. Led by Chu Haoling, all guys pointed at Yun Che and screamed with laughter. Even Chenchen smiled cheerfully. Yun Che, who shaved his head, remained indifferent. He walked over calmly, kissed Chenchen and sat down beside him.

"Stop it, could you? What's wrong with a bald head? I'm still super cool! Well, shave your heads if you dare and we can see who is the coolest!"

Taking up a hot deep-fried dough stick, Yun Che pretended to be confident and proud. Looked carefully, as a matter of fact, he was truly handsome even with a bald head!

"I give up! Che, you're No. 1! Haw-haw…"

Chu Haoling was the first to stop laughing and gave a thumbs-up. Then he guffawed dramatically! Well, he couldn't control himself. Yun Che's bald head was so shiny that he couldn't help laughing whenever he saw it.

"Mm, why did you suddenly shave your head?"

Stifling his laughter, Xing Feng got a bowl of soybean milk for Yun Che and reached out to stroke Yun Che's bald head. Mm, it felt good. Xing Feng began to rub Yun Che's head. Yun Che shook off his head grumpily and said, "What are you doing? Will you be responsible if you turn me on?"

"Mm. I will."

Xing Feng nodded carefully and gazed at Yun Che's bald head, itching for a try.

"Shut up! You nearly lost control last night. All right! You've laughed enough, huh? Stop bugging me!"

Yun Che reprimanded Xing Feng in a low voice and gazed up at others. His voice rose abruptly. He just shaved his head. How come they were so excited? He didn't believe they would all have ponytails.

"Ahem… Yeah, Che looks good, I think."

Yun Yao cleared her throat and stifled her laughter. She reached out her hand over her son and touched Yun Che's head, too.

"Uncle, it feels good!"

Chenchen learnt from his mother and stroked Yun Che's bald head again and again with his little fatty hands. Others were eager to have a try, too. Fortunately, Yun Che had some remaining prestige and few of them dared to try.


Yun Che could no longer stand the almost lewd behaviors of his sister and nephew. He held Chenchen in his arms and pressed him on his legs so that he could no longer move. Meanwhile, he stared at his sister grumpily.

"Hey… Sorry, sorry. It felt so good that I lost control."

With a nasty smile, Yun Yao pulled back her hand.


Yun Che breathed a sigh. He had just shaved his head. Why was he worn out? Couldn't they stop teasing him?

"Yuck! Fuck it…"


When everyone nearly accepted Yun Che's new look, Chu Haoling screamed weirdly who stood in face of the stairway. He fell under the table.


People looked at the stairway, only to see Leng Yehan, Lu Haixuan and Zhou Zeyu coming down with bald heads, too. They burst out laughing again! Damn it! A team of bald heads? Peak Squad couldn't be more embarrassing! Did they make a deal to make fun together?

"Must I shave my head too?"

Zhan Yafei pulled a long face and dragged her braided hair. Her parents were taken aback! They were too worried to keep laughing. They pulled Zhan Yafei's arms on either side and said, "Fei, they're men. But you're a girl. Don't learn from them!"

"Yeah, Fei. If you think your hair is too long, I'll cut it a little for you. Don't do stupid things."

Zhan Yafei's parents tried their best to convince her as if it were a scary thing when Zhan Yafei really shaved her head.

"Ahem… Boss. I think we should go to Section F and see if we can find a barber to take care of our haircuts.

Gu Mingxuan nearly used all his discipline, and he suggested, with a show of calmness. He really feared his boss would immediately order all his subordinates to shave their hands, considering his boss was Yun Che's guardian beast.

"Okay. Take care of it."

Luckily, Xing Feng wasn't a guardian beast at this moment. Instead, he nodded approvingly. Gu Mingxuan nearly knelt to say thank you.

"Mm… Gu, why didn't you suggest earlier? What a pity on my smooth hair! It's lost all because of my boss!"

Hearing their conversation, Zhou Zeyu felt like weeping. He insisted on not shaving his head, but all the others did it. If he didn't follow, he would look very unusual. At last, he made up his mind to shave his head. Unexpectedly… He gazed at Yun Che with full resentment. It was all Yun Che's fault. Why did he give them the clippers?


Seeing that, people in the dining room laughed crazily again. So, they didn't shave their heads willingly! What an evil thing Yun Che had done!

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