244 Deal with the Chens

"Mom, help! Grandpa, help me! Dad!"

"No, he's just a kid. You can't do this to him. Please…"

"Easy, Captain Yun. He's only five. Please have some mercy on him."

"Don't hurt my son. Please don't…"

"Xiaofei… Xiaofei…"

The little boy was so frightened that he cried loudly, and his parents and grandparents begged anxiously. The other people who came with them were also nervous. Xiao Biting rushed up to grab his hand, trying to take him back, but Yun Che pushed her away. "You don't want anyone to touch your child, but you don't seem to have any problem hurting others' children. It doesn't sound quite fair, does it?"

"No, I didn't mean that. Captain Yun, I'm begging you. It's all my fault. Please don't hurt my grandson."

Mrs. Chen, who could not even stand up, crawled over and held his feet, begging him tearfully.

"Enough, Captain Yun. You know what, we'll leave Chaoyang. Just let Xiaofei go."

As mentioned before, every researcher had a temper. Feeling insulted, Chen Shibo snarled while holding his broken and painful arm with the other hand. With the knowledge and the skills that he and his son had, he believed they wouldn't have any problem finding a job in the military if they left Chaoyang. Besides, they already knew the secret of the crystal nucleus. If they joined the military with that classified information, the military would value them very much and might even help them get revenge. Chen Shibo secretly made a promise to himself with a malicious gleam in his eyes: Sooner or later, he would make these people pay for humiliating him today.

"Leave? Isn't that a sure thing? But before you leave, you have to pay the price!"

Experienced in dealing with all kinds of evil people, Yun Che didn't miss the malicious intent that had flashed across Chen's eyes.


Yun Che threw the child on Xiao Biting and conjured a pitch-black long broadsword out of thin air. He swung the broadsword, and the next second, here came a series of screams. Nobody saw how it happened, but many bleeding arms had fallen on the floor. Each member of the Chen family, including the child, had lost the right arm in an instant.

"Ah…my arm, my arm…"

"Aaaah, what kind of monster are you? You're a devil, ah…"



Some of them held their severed arms and rolled on the floor; some pointed to Yun Che and condemned him; some kept screaming, too miserable to say anything else. These people all had one thing in common – a deep fear for Yun Che, especially when they noticed that he didn't even show any mercy to the child.

"You're merciless."

Chen Shibo, kneeling on the floor and trembling in pain, gritted his teeth and glared at Yun Che, as if he wished to slice Yun Che into pieces with his gaze. Holding the long broadsword, Yun Che squatted in front of him and whispered, "Do you think I will let you live to fight another day? Those whoever hurts my family will either be disabled or cut into pieces. These right arms are for hurting my nephew. Your family still need to pay for trying to make him bleed out and insulting my brother. Well, I'm not savage. You have options. Would you like me to cut off your left arms or end your lives?"

Yun Che's voice was low and soft, but his words were cruel and merciless. He wouldn't hurt any innocent people for no reason, but he wouldn't spare anyone who messed with him, either. When he dealt with his enemies, he would always make it clean, because he knew that leaving loose ends would create potential threats for the future. Besides, Chen Shibo had already exposed his hatred and malicious intent.


Chen Shibo widened his eyes in disbelief. Everyone would flinch when his life was at stake, regardless of how arrogant he was. Knowing that Yun Che had the intention to kill them, Chen Shibo finally started to show fear.

"Please spare our lives…please…"

"We're begging you…"

"Spare us. We won't make that mistake again."

Despite the pain they were suffering, the other Chens cried and begged for mercy. They were scared, because Yun Che was far more terrifying than they had expected. He was a devil.

"When you hurt my nephew, did you ever think about showing any compassion?"

Yun Che glanced at those people and snorted. If She Jiao hadn't stood up to help, his nephew would have bled out. When these people did something so terrible, they should be prepared to bear the consequences. He never claimed that he was a nice guy.

"How could you be so cruel? Your nephew has got the medical treatment and he's fine now, but you cut off one of my son's arms. How could you do that to a child?"

Xiao Biting could no longer carry her son in her arms. Sitting on the floor with one arm wrapped around her crying son, she condemned Yun Che with hatred written all over her face. If she could kill Yun Che, she would have done it a thousand times already.


Yun Che raised his eyebrows and stood up. The pitch-black long broadsword was humming, as if it was demanding more blood. "Thanks for the compliment, but compared to you, I think I'm rather kind-hearted. At least I wouldn't make a child bleed out for no reason. Nor would I try to avoid punishment by seducing a man in front of my parents-in-law and husband."


Xiao Biting was embarrassed and outraged, and her broken arm hurt like hell.


Yun Che didn't want to waste any more time on them. The long broadsword flew out, and with screams, the Chens all lost their left arms. Yun Che drew back his weapon and turned to Yu Wenqing, "It's your turn now."

After Yun Che learned about the full story from She Jiao, he had no intention to let these people live to see the sunrise tomorrow. He hadn't taken their lives because he knew Yu Wenqing would want to do that personally.

"Okay. I need to borrow your car."

With a nod, Yu Wenqing took out the walkie-talkie and summoned his people. He wouldn't kill the Chens with his own hands, but he would introduce them to some new friends and leave their fate to decide what happened next. If they somehow managed to survive, Yu Wenqing wouldn't come after them later. But he doubted they would stand any chance to live when the new friends they were about to meet were the zombies outside the base.

"Let's go home."

Yun Che conjured the car out of thin air and left Yu Wenqing to take care of the rest. He then held Xing Feng's hand and took his sister and brother to leave the hospital, ignoring the miserable screams behind them.

"Brother, you're awesome!"

Just as Chenchen, Yun Cheng was also a big fan of Yun Che. Without being affected by the bloody scene, Yun Cheng held his brother's hand and gave the latter a thumb up. Though he couldn't comprehend everything that had happened, he did know that those people were responsible for Chenchen's injury, and that his brother had taken revenge for Chenchen just now. Humph! How dare that woman call him an idiot? She and her family were idiots! They were courting death by bullying Chenchen.

"You're awesome, too. You've protected our sister today." Yun Che was never petty in giving compliments to his brother.

Upon hearing that, Yun Cheng smiled delightedly, "Right, I'm awesome, and smart as well."

His proud look drove away Yun Che and Xing Feng's bad mood.

"Well, you're always the smartest and most awesome person in the world."

Xing Feng praised Yun Cheng, but his words didn't seem to have caused much emotional change to Yun Cheng, who was still flooded with the joy of being praised by his big brother. The smile on his face was bright and innocent.

"Che, they…"

When they were about to step out of the yard, Yun Yao looked back at those people. Before Yun Che could respond, Xiu Jie muttered in a low voice, "They deserved it!"

Though his voice was low, it was loud enough for the others to hear him. Xing Feng and Yun Che smiled in agreement, and Yun Yao nodded, too. As a mother, she felt sorry for that child. However, considering what had happened to her son, she had to warn herself not to be merciful. If they didn't get rid of those people for good, they might take revenge someday. Sparing the kid would be creating a potential threat in the future. A child raised in that family was very likely to become overbearing and barbaric like his parents if he were to grow up.

"Sorry, if I had kept those people in line from the beginning, maybe none of these would have happened."

Gu Mingxuan reflected on himself and apologized. To prepare for the meeting they were about to hold in the afternoon, he had sent some people to gather information earlier this morning. Many family members of the researchers were like the Chens, arrogant and unreasonable. Today's incident had made him realize that something needed to be done to contain the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, those people might ruin Chaoyang's reputation very soon.

"Don't blame yourself for that. You're just a mortal, not a god, so you can't expect yourself to handle everything all by yourself. However, we do need to teach those people a lesson this afternoon; otherwise, they would think we're all dead."

Just like Gu Mingxuan, Yun Che was also concerned about their reputation, which was not easy to build. If they turned a blind eye to those people's behaviors, they wouldn't just mess around within Chaoyang community; instead, they would cause trouble outside the community, which might give other forces an excuse to attack Chaoyang and Peak Squad and even the Mo Army. Therefore, they had to stop those people before it was too late.

"Well, Mingxuan, spread the words to make sure everyone in the laboratory knows what happened in the hospital today before the afternoon meeting."

Xing Feng nodded to show that he agreed with Yun Che before he gave Gu Mingxuan the instruction.

"I'll be on it right now."

This move was to plant the seed of fear in those people's hearts. Gu Mingxuan took the order without hesitation. Before leaving, he looked at Yun Yao and said, "Don't be too sad. Chenchen is fine now. It was my negligence, and I promise it won't happen again."

Although he was not Chenchen's father, he always treated Chenchen like his son. When Chenchen was injured, his heart ached as much as others'.

"Thank you."

Yun Yao felt touched, and her eyes turned bloodshot once again. This was the man who stood up for her when she needed help. Even though he knew she was a woman abandoned by another man, he loved her and her son, and treated them like treasures. She was grateful and decided to repay the kindness after she settled things with Zhou Zhijun.

"Well, cook something nutritious for Chenchen when you get home. I have to go now."

Gu Mingxuan gave her a gentle smile and strode away. While Yun Yao was watching his receding figure in a daze, Yun Che suddenly broke the silence, "I believe Mingxuan is a man who I can entrust with you and Chenchen. You might want to consider him."

He didn't like to interfere with a romantic relationship. He was aware that Gu Mingxuan was into his sister, but before just now, he had pretended that he knew nothing, because he wanted his sister to make a decision on her own. This was the first time he had offered advice on this matter, and it would be the last time. It was up to her to decide what she wanted.

"I see."

Instead of turning down the advice without hesitation as usual, Yun Yao looked at him for a while and nodded. Yun Che smiled, "Let's go. To see if our prince has woken up."


Yun Yao and Yun Cheng both sped up to keep up with them.

"Well, can I go check on Chenchen later?"

Xiu Jie's tentative voice suddenly came from behind. Yun Che paused his pace and turned to exchange glances with Xing Feng before he responded with a smile. "Sure!"

"Thank you!"

Xiu Jie put on a bright smile. Yun Yao, who knew about the bad blood between them, looked at Xiu Jie and her younger brother with confusion. Yun Che shrugged with a smile, and Xing Feng also smiled silently. Yun Yao had no choice but to give up seeking answers.

"Thanks for saving Chenchen today. Welcome to visit us at any time."

"That…that's my pleasure!"

Surprised at the kindness that Yun Yao had shown to him, Xiu Jie was a little embarrassed, especially when he recalled how indifferent he used to be when she needed help in the past. He even had a hint of shame and guilt on his face, which Yun Che and Xing Feng didn't miss. They looked at each other and smiled, thinking that Xiu Jie was actually quite cute. As of this moment, Xiu Jie had successfully refreshed his image.

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