1 Chapter 1: Where am I?

Liara walked down the street to her home. She muttered to herself as she stopped at the traffic light, "Oh, you can't change the rules, we can't have a diverse job or businesses. Our clan only works in the Military District. It will only insult the ancestors. Oh by the six, the ancestors are dead and people are alive. They probably don't care if we have doctors or engineers in the clan. It would probably help lower casualties but, no...the old fogeys in the elder council are idiots who can't see past their egos or the rules."

She walked on the green light and walked to the store, "Haiz, I'll get yelled at by the Elders or dad when I get home. Screw it, I will just buy some supplies and just camp in the back mountain for the week. I have no school this week and I can just wait for things to cool down."

She went around the store and picked up enough food, water and essentials for a comfortable camping trip. The girl at the register asked, "Is this everything, Amagi-dana?" She was obviously being respectful due to her family being rulers of this district.

She said, "Hello Sophia-Kouhai, yes; this everything I need for an impromptu camping trip. Uh, I mean, 'survival training'."

Sophia laughed, "You are getting chewed out by the elders again for your ideas, huh? I told you they wouldn't listen and you should just make your own group. You may not be a good warrior but, you are smart."

Liara chuckled, "yeah, you keep telling me that Soph. It's just...It's family." She exhaled before paying and told her goodbye.

About an hour later, she went to the Lake Akagi on the mountain behind the Amagi clan's manor. When she walked through the forest, she walked through a natural wormhole by accident and saw a different landscape than what she was used to.

She said, "What the...This isn't Mount Akagi. Where the hell am I?" She saw a lake surrounded by an oak forest but, it didn't look like she was near the peak of the mountain. It looked like she was near a plain like area outside the forest.

She then heard, *'Ding, downloading Military and Anime Summoning System. 5...25...50...100%. Congrats Host for getting this system. Does Host want to open the Starter pack?'*

She blinked, "What? Ugh, system? Did I fall asleep after watching Anime with Lucca?" She moved to put down her duffle bag before putting a hand on a tree before vomiting.

The system dinged, *"Host is not asleep, Host is on Terra and not on Earth. This system is given to host to survive in this world."*

She was shocked and said, "I'm where?!"

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