Milena The Mischievous Fairy - Eng Version [ VERY, VERY SLOW UPDATE! ]
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Milena The Mischievous Fairy - Eng Version [ VERY, VERY SLOW UPDATE! ]


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What is Milena The Mischievous Fairy - Eng Version [ VERY, VERY SLOW UPDATE! ]

Milena The Mischievous Fairy - Eng Version [ VERY, VERY SLOW UPDATE! ] is a popular web novel written by the author NatsuHika, covering MAGIC, DRAMA, MYSTERY, SLICE OF LIFE, PSYCHOPATH, FAIRY, PSYCHLOGICAL, BADASS FEMALE LEAD, MANIPULATIVE CHARACTERS, STRONG CHARACTERS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.7K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


⚠️ WARNING! • VERY, VERY SLOW UPDATE • SLOW STORY English is not my native language, so beware of grammatical error! [ Please, be kind to me.... :') ] THIS NOVEL CONTENT FOR AGE +21 YEARS. For the purposes of the storyline, this novel will contain descriptions of adult love (pornography will be explicitly avoided as hard as possible), violence, cigarettes, minimal clothing, alcohol consumption, harsh words, etc. For readers who are underage or uncomfortable with the content, it is not recommended to read. _____________________ Volume 1: THE AVERMENT Approaching the winter, the fairy royal supply tree was flooded with floodwater, this made the supplies that had been collected for so long by the fairies drifted into the river. TRULY A DISASTER! Milena, who is famous as an enchanting beautiful fairy and the last descendant of one of the legendary fairies in her community, but likes to do mischief, was finally accused as the culprit. Upset because she got slander, she decided to look for a mirror of honesty to silence all the fairies who wanted to drive her into a solitary fairy. While trying to steal the mirror of honesty at Katrina's cottage — the Dark Witch, an unexpected event happened to her when she tried to escape. Milena was thrown into the mortal world and became human! There, she met David, Max, and Jessie. These three men have their own secrets which make her surprised by all their deadly charms! While Milena was confused by the conditions that had befallen her, Katrina chased her into the mortal world and intended to take everything from her, especially the man Milena loved! ----------------------------------------- Copyright @2019 by NatsuHika ----------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The original story is made by me, but the picture of the cover is not mine. I just used it and it's been edited. All credits of the picture belong to the respective owner.

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