1 4:55

   I was sitting there in pure shock.

   Unable to move my body forwards. He was laying there on the ground, still, too still for comfort. Afraid that if I went to him the worst would happen.

   "Cole!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I needed help, and I needed it now. I can't stand to look at him any longer. Still unable to move, I feel a sharp pain in my head.

   I wake up, sweating, the bed soaked in it. Sitting up I hug my knees.

   "Cole is fine." I always have to tell myself. This dream is always poping up out of nowhere. I feel like it already happened, but it didnt, I know it hasn't.

   Laying back down I take in a deep breath, and sigh. Tommorow I'll be moving back to New York, my hometown. I'll finnaly see my family, and him again, Cole.

   I met Cole in highschool, he was a sophomore, and I was a freshman. He is a year older than me, and was new to this school. Since I was also pretty new to the whole highschool thing, there was plenty to worry about.

   I was eating breakfast in the cafeteria, then the next thing I knew there was a group of sophomore boys surrounding me. They were starting to get on my nerves when a mysterious black haired boy approached the table where we sat.

   He said a few words and scared them off, and we have been friends ever sense.

   But then we graduated, and life moved on. I got a boyfriend and moved here, to Kansas. But after that Cole... changed.

   He was always this understanding, fun, loving guy, but all of the sudden he was always angry and a bit secretive, but not only that, he always looked a little pale. I'd ask him questions, and he'd always shrug them off.

   Turning my head, I looked to my right. My alarm clock reads, 4:55 am. Now that I have calmed down a bit, I slowly start drifting back to sleep.

   Not even a second later my phone begins to ring. Looking at the Caller ID, its my mother's number. I brush it off, because its so early. I ignore it and start going back to sleep. It rings again, and I ignore it.

   When it rang the third time I was starting to get a bit concerned, so I reached over to the nightstand and grabed my phone. I put the phone up to my ear.


   "Hi," a unfamiliar voice responds, "is this Max Adams?"

   I feel a lump in my throat and I swallow hard, "yes, is there a problem?" I ask, "who is this!?"

   "well," the voice pauses, "This is the NYPD, (New York Police Department), and we're sorry to inform you but."

   I can hear sirens and talking though the background.

   "we got a call, and when we arrived, we found both your parents, and your sister, dead." They conclude.

   I'm speechless, but before I can even think I hear my self ask, "How?"

   The opirator pauses then says, "They where all found on the living room floor, in a puddle of blood, each of their throats where slit open."

   Petrified, they continued, "there was no sign of forced entry."

   I feel no pain in hearing any of these words, I dont know how to react.

   Then the opirator says, "We can help in anyway if you need, but it would be helpful for you to come to the police station in

Fulton, New York sometime and fill out some paperwork."

   "Is that all?"

   "yep, stay safe and be careful, we dont know what to think right now." Then they hang up the phone.

   I drop the phone on the bed, next to my head, and stare at the ceiling. "what..." I feel a tear stream down my face but have no emotions for it.

   "why..., what, how!?" My emotions are complicated.

   I then put my phone on the nightstand.

   I roll over in my bed and stare into nothingness, I close my eyes and hope for a stroke of sleep to come upon me.

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