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Read MIDDLE EAST MYTH novel written by the author Sage_Middle_east on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This Will be the stories and myth I have collected and I don't own the stories just a person who like a certain culture wich is a middle eastern so enjoy - Level of Magic Variable. Magic is definitely a part of Arabian Fantasy. It is a sub-genre steeped in mysticism and lore. Some authors create recognizable magic systems, while others create a magical atmosphere or a world with a mythos immersed in magic. Magic is important, and it varies from the very specific, genies granting wishes, to just a magical feeling emanating from the page. - Level of Grand Ideas/Social Implications Variable. There is plenty of variation in this sub-genre. However, many stories ponder larger questions or offer critiques on social structures. Fate and destiny are often invoked and pondered. Even allegory is sometimes used to contemplate ideas. - Level of Characterization High. Characters are so well done in Arabian Fantasy that they have become cultural icons—Aladdin, Sinbad, Ali Baba, Scheherazade. Authors draw on the rich literary history of these characters, they reinvent them, they use them as a basis for new and heroic characters, and they make readers invested in these characters. - Level of Plot Complexity High. Arabian Fantasy is multi-layered, it is rich, it is varied, it is an adventure, it is romance, and so much more. Arabian Fantasy is remarkable for its use of narrative techniques that subsequent genres and authors have adopted. Techniques like dramatic visualization and frame narratives make the story, and the plot, more complex and engaging. -Level of Violence Variable. Arabian Fantasy is not an innately violent sub-genre. Fighting and battles often dot the plotlines of an Arabian Fantasy story though, it makes for tense and action-packed stories. Indeed, violence in most of these stories is necessary to the plot. (If you're looking for something wholly new and unique. Arabian Fantasy draws on ancient cultures, religions, myths, and histories. The sub-genre has a rich history that authors are influenced by, that inform new stories, that build the story's setting/world, that shape new and old characters alike. So even in modern Arabian Fantasy stories, the historical and the traditional are woven into more than just the setting. This doesn't mean authors are simply rehashing old stories, but the sub-genre doesn't escape its history.)

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