Mia Isn't a baby girl
novel - Contemporary Romance

Mia Isn't a baby girl

Black Flute of Love

Ongoing · 139K Views

What is Mia Isn't a baby girl

Mia Isn't a baby girl is a popular web novel written by the author Black Flute of Love, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 139K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 37 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 28 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


She is a deranged gangster looking for her revenge. She kills first and questions later. She waited for too long to take her revenge, and when she finally got the chance to... He stopped her. Things fell apart. Nothing worked for her. She lost everything, even her only friend. She lost all hope. She is a gangster, he is an ordinary boy. Would she be able to get her revenge or will he stop her?

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Mia isn't a baby girl is indeed a good story very catchy..right from the synopsis. Yes, things fall apart, the center will hardly stand.. When a gangster meet an ordinary person, they must be an influence, either the gangster becomes ordinary or the ordinary becomes gangster... The author has painted a beautiful picture of two personality and would want to see how this story will end. Great job author.. Keep the good work up! I recommend this book as good read.


This story is just amazing, I enjoyed every moment of reading it. I definitely recommend this book, and if I had to choose one of the two books I like most. I wouldn't be able two, you are a very gifted writer, normally I can choose a favorite. But I can't because I love both of these books. Keep up the great work! I hope to read more of your work soon! 100/10 I definitely recommend. :)




Storyline is so engaging and captivating. I love it!! plots just thickens and you have no other option but to read further to know what will happen next. synopsis part is also very interesting. all in all great book will totally recommend it to read. all the best and good luck author.


Can l say something? I love Mia. She is so cool. And l was laughing. To say l was laughing when l first read this is an understatement. I can't wait to read it


The title is very catchy. It sounds like very romantic and intimidating but the book is a mystic. The mystery inside is amazing. I can't wait to explore more of the chapters inside. Ordinary and a gangster is giving off kdrama vibes. I admire author's creativity. ♥️


The title is really good and oust day the synopsis would draw you to what to know what stops her revenge. Really like the book


The book speaks of excitement and an interesting storyline I love the story. Powerful female leads did the best. I enjoyed reading this. I love the interactions in the book. Also, the depth of this book is good. Good job author, highly recommended.


I think the killer part is the synopsis, it's amazing. I truly couldn't stop reading the first chapter captivated me, it was really funny. Continue your amazing work Author.


I love a strong female character and the MC is definitely one! Such an interesting plot line and every sentence from this book just gets me more and more hooked! Looking forward to more chapters.


Such a captivating story! Everything is well written and fun to read. the story keep on making us reader hooked up with it nonstop[img=update][img=update]! Mia is also a great female lead character! lovable and it shows how strong a female lead could be! Definitely recommended for anyone looking for great story to read! kudos to the author!


such a good read. author really knows the craft. kudos to you. highly recommended as the story will keep you hooked. [img=update][img=update][img=update]


I like your strong female character! But, I like Sassy more hahaha. How you describe all scene very mind-blowing. And, it's the first time I read a story with different plot twist.


Wow!am completely speechless......this book is superb,wonderful and chilling. The writer's choice of words are simply glorious, I really love this book and I highly recommend it,seriously you are gifted,keep it up.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Very mystic-y. At first I was confused but then realised as all mystery story go I shouldn't get everything on the spot it won't keep my interest for long if so. Very much felt like I was watching a movie. Awesome Author!


I love the story. Books with powerful female leads are my favorite. I enjoyed reading this. I love the interactions in the book. Also the depth of this book is good. Good job author


kts a really good story, the first chapters are quite confusing for me but as you keep reading you catch up the tiny details . keep up the good work!!


I really love this story and I am very much recommending this one especially for those who's just new to Webnovel. Such a wonderful story. Nice work author 😄


I'm excited about the plan! I love the flow! I'm looking forward to read more! Highly recommended! Great job! Keep it up. I'm currently reading it. And the more I read, the more I get curious.


I love love this story. I love a story with a strong female lead. Tough girls rock. I love a girl looking for revenge. First chapter got me hooked. I would recommend this book to my bookworm friends. Wonderful work author 👍👍.


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