Mia Caedus and The tales of Infinitum nightmare
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Mia Caedus and The tales of Infinitum nightmare


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What is Mia Caedus and The tales of Infinitum nightmare

Mia Caedus and The tales of Infinitum nightmare is a popular web novel written by the author fairytail72, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, HORRORFEMALELEAD, MAGICLIKEPOWER, MAGICALWORLD, FREINDSHIP, SUPERNATUALPOWER, WIZARDSANDWITCHES, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.6K readers . The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Mia Caedis and the tales of Infinitum nightmare ( Mia Caedis #1 ) Just before the novel start : the dark forces among the world of non humans are on an uproar . The war between the true ones and the pure ones was on its peak , when a girl was born . This girl was born with the destiny of killing the Lord of the true ones , Lord Samael . Known as the defiler of pure one's , Lord Samael decides to end the life of this girl born from a vamipre and a human . However, before he could kill Mia , Mia's father , Michael Caedis , the headmaster of the academy of guardians, Onyx , ends his reign. While Mia's father engages himself into the battle of the light against the dark .Mia's mother Josephine Campbell runs away from him , from the world of non humans , to the world of mortals . Where she knows her former husband cannot reach her . For thirteen years, she let's her daughter be bullied by her step daughters .But on Mia's thriteenth birthday things starts to change ; when hidden from her mother mysterious letters are sent to Mia . And then one day - when Mia loses control over her half vampire, non human's power , a woman with wild bushy hair came whirling out of their fire place , to tell Mia what her mother have kept her from finding out : Mia's identity as a half human and half vampire , and that she had been accepted in the academy for guardians known as Onyx .

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