4 New school...

Rest of the summer passed too fast according to me. It was like only yesterday I came here. During summer all of us bonded more and more. Jace ,Lucas , Lizz and me had become inseperable. Selene was so different from our mom. She was sweet and caring not strict and giving lectures like mom. She was nothing like our real mom. She had built a special place in our hearts. But ofcourse noone can replace mom. Dad and we too spent a lot of time.

Today was the last holiday. From tomorrow our senior year starts. We are going to Weston high School. I'm nervous and excited. Lizz said that she would introduce us to her friends. I wonder if they will like us... Would they be sweet, cheerful and welcoming? or would they not want to be our friends? Wait! What if I fall infront of them? or if I do something embarrassing? Oh no! That can't happen!!! My overthinking tendencies had kicked in and I might even have a panic attack at this point. But Lizz stopped it before it escalated when she bursted in my room and started throwing clothes on my face.

"What the heck?",I asked.


"Why are you throwing clothes at my face?"

"I am picking out an outfit for tomorrow."

"Why are you picking your outfit from my closet?"

"I am not picking my oufit I'm picking out your outfit."

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"I'm pretty sure I can choose it."

"Of course you can... Until next year maybe."

"Hey! I don't think that much!"

"Trust me you do."


There was silence for a good two minutes then Lizz broke it.

" How do you feel?"


"I didn't ask about your health idiot I asked you about how you are feeling about tomorrow since it's your the first day."

"I'm nervous but I'm looking forward to it and don't call me an idiot. I'm older than you."

"Yeah. Yeah.."


Tang Tang tang Tang tangggggg ...

"Oh my god stop it!", Lucas groans. I , Lizz and Jace share silent laughter still banging the plate with the spoon. Confused? Let me explain. So for the first day Jace was soo excited that he decided to wake all of us so we could get ready faster and go early. You wouldn't believe it but he is a nerd. Lizz was his first target. He had woken her up normally. But then they thought that normal was not their thing and took a plate and banged it with a spoon to wake me. Trust me it was not a good way wake someone up. Now we are waking Lucas. Finally he realises his protests are of no use and wakes up. I understand your pain. I really do.....


All of us got ready and had breakfast. Now we are going to school in Lizz's car. Because we don't have our own cars. Jace and Lizz were fighting over which radio station to play and Lucas was still grumbling about the way we woke him up. I tried to stop them but they still continued to banter. What can I do? Nothing. I didn't even realise we were here until the Lucas literally pushed me out. Prick!

I look up and see Weston High written in huge letters. The exterior looked beautiful. The walkway was aligned with different bushes and plants. There were gardens around the buildings. Lizz lead us towards the office where she took our schedules and then showed us around . The school was beautiful. Soon the hall ways started to fill up. By the time Lizz finished giving us a tour of the school the hallways were full of life unlike when we had arrived. We were standing near Lizz's locker when a girl literally jumped onto Lizz.

Lizz chuckled and said," Guys this is Naya one of my best friends. Naya they are my siblings."

"Hello! It's nice to meet you all!", she chirped.

"Same here!" All three of us said together. She looked a little creeped out at this.

"What happened?"Jace asked noticing the change in her expression.

"You all said it together in sync. it just sounded creepy.",She replied.

"Triplet telepathy.",we said together. Again. This time though she Chuckled and excused herself to go to her locker.

All of a sudden everyone had gone silent. I looked up to see the reason. There was nothing. I gave a confused glance to Jace and Lucas who looked at me with the same expression. We all looked at Lizz who was also looking towards the other side. Following her gaze I saw Three guys who had different expressions on their faces.

Guy #1: He was grinning and waving at everyone.

Guy#2: He looked like he would snap at anyone who even dated to look at him.

Guy#3: He had a blank expression on his face. Nothing just blank.

I didn't notice that everyone was moving aside making way for them. Not only me but our whole group had not noticed. We were standing in the middle of the hall way. Clueless about what was happening. Exept for Lizz who looked like she knew what was happening but she didn't focus anywhere but on Guy#2. Her eyes looked in some sort of daze. I waved my hand in front of her face but she didn't budge. Hmm.. Someone has a crush. I couldn't deny the fact that they were good looking, Especially Guy#3. I was still staring confused when they reached us.

"Move.", Guy#2 ordered. Who does he think he is to order me around? Jace moved a little but I and Lucas stood there. We were alike in many ways. Being Stubborn is one of our common qualities. I gave him a challenging look. He glared. I didn't budge. His eyes went towards something or someone to my right ,Lizz. He smiled slightly. I smirked. Ooo. He too has a crush on her! But then he looked back at me and glared.

"Move.", he repeated.

"Go from aside." Lucas and I said together in a cold tone. His glare faltered a look of fear replaced it but only for a second. Ha! Take that! Triplet telepathy guys!

Guy#3 tried to hide the amusement in his eyes but he couldn't hide it well. I could feel his eyes on me. When Guy#2 was still having a staring contest with me and Lucas, Guy #1 stepped in and started pulling him away. Guy #3 came close to me and said ," See you later, hermosa."winked and walked away. I was affected by him. My skin still had goose bumps because of his voice. it was so deep and... beautiful.

Wait! What?!? See you later? We are seeing each other again? Hermosa? Did he just call me beautiful? I was out of my little shock because of the bell.

I had Math with Jace first. Well... Let's go. I pulled Jace along as I walked to our math class..