2 Great intro!

I am currently sitting in a fancy car and trying not not freak out. Keyword being trying.

Why? So let's start from where we left, yeah?

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After meeting dad in Mr. Roberts place we went back to our old home as we now refer to it and packed everything. Then as said we left for our new home where we are going to live with our new mom, half sister and dad. One thing about me is that I tend to overthink things. That brings us to the situation at hand we were in a car going to our new home while I was very nervous about meeting our new mom and our half sister. Would they like us? What if they hate us and we have to leave? That would be so bad! Like I said, I tend to over think. In between all this thinking I didn't realise that the car had stopped.. Jace was grinning like an idiot. In the time we had spent with dad all of us had grown to love him so much ! it's he was always there. I and Jace express our love to him openly but Lucas is still a little closed off. He has always been. But the little smiles that he tries to hide everytime he sees dad show that he too like us has grown to love him.

I audibly gasp at the huge mansion in front of me. It's beautiful! Our dad chuckles looking at me and I narrow my eyes at him signalling him to stop laughing and he stops laughing immediately. I guess the talk Lucas and Jace gave him about getting me angry and it's results did scare him. But hey! It always works in my favour! I can get them to do anything I want.

"Your house is sooo big!" That's Jace. He always says everything he thinks about.

"It's not my house, it's our house now.", dad tells him. I smile at hearing that. I look at Lucas who is also smiling. Dad walks in and signals us to follow him.

"Shall we?",Lucas asks.

"We shall.", I and Jace reply in unison.


"Oh honey! I missed you!", a woman almost in her 30s jumps on our father.

"I missed you too, sweetheart.", our dad says kissing her. I'm guessing she's our new mom.

"Hey dad!", A girl our age comes a jumps on our father the same way. What's with the jumping anyways?

"Hey Mel!", dad replies chuckling.

Jace and Lucas were walking in behind me and me being..... well me decided it was the best time to slip and fall. This resulted in me falling on Jace who fell on Lucas. What can I do? I am a clutz. My mom , sister and dad turned towards us. Dad was trying and miserably failing in stopping himself from laughing. Mom and our sister looked shocked. What a great intro! Note the sarcasm.


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