14 Chapter 13

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*Ring* *Ring*

Akira moved his eyelids closed, when he heard the alarm ring and after the second ring he opened his eyes, putting away his drowsiness, he got up from his bed, on his way to the bathroom where he took a shower and then brushed his teeth, after 5 minutes it was over put on the uniform and was ready to go to the dining room for breakfast.

On the way to the dining room, he thought about what had happened in these 6 months.


It has been 65 days since I started drinking Himiko's blood, I have seen my strength improve steadily, Himiko has also improved although she is still much weaker than me.

Despite the fact that we spent Christmas in this place it is obvious that they did not celebrate or decorate anything for us, the only thing we received was a piece of cake on December 25, apart from that there was no mention of Christmas time, although taking into account since most children are already empty, without will, zombies that follow orders, I suppose there would be no need to celebrate something.

The good thing started this month of January, at the beginning of this month it was the moment in which the employees due to the holiday had become somewhat more lax and talkative than usual, thanks to my improved senses I have been able to listen to several conversations in which They talked about how they celebrated their Christmas, about their families and other irrelevant conversations, the important thing is that today finally thanks to listening to them I got this valuable information:

{"Hey Smith-san, buddy, how's the surveillance going today?" Spoke a well-trained Asian-looking guard.

"Hmmm, he has been calm, we have not had problems for a long time, I must say that these children are very obedient" replied the guard named Smith, he was much more muscular than his Asian friend, he also had an American accent confirming with his last name that he was not Japanese.

"And what are you doing here Fudai-san, are you coming to replace me? Wasn't our schedule 5 hours? I think I still have 2 hours left to change with you" Smith asked his friend.

"Hahahaha. Did you forget, I said that when your son woke up his gift quirk I would replace you on your turn and because your son woke him up yesterday I decided to come and replace you so that you can leave today early and enjoy with your family"

"Hahahaha, yes, I forgot that hahahaha, I must say that I am very happy hahaha, after all, my son inherited my quirk, although at the moment he can only harden the bones of his hand I trust that in the future he can do the same as his father hahahaha" laughed, Smith proudly as he bragged about his son and his quirk.

"Congratulations friend, unlike you, my quirk only allows me to lengthen my limbs one meter, hahaha it only serves to catch my opponents off guard by stretching my fist at the moment of impact hahaha"}

That conversation revealed to me many things necessary for my escape plan, I obtained the knowledge of 2 quirks of the guards, that of Smith from what I inferred must be the ability to harden his bones, considering that he said that his son could only harden hand and that he hoped that in the future it would be better, I dare to suppose that it can harden his entire skeleton.

Hmmm if so, he will be a difficult fighter to overcome, although he could already think of one of his weaknesses, for example, he should only strengthen his skeleton, the rest of his body, muscles, and organs should remain normal, which means that he could not withstand very strong blows and that he must also be careful not to overdo the hit or else he could hurt himself, this makes it easier to defeat him.

As for the other guard, he said that he could lengthen his limbs, a very useful quirk in bed you don't think hahaha, but putting that aside, if he uses it correctly as Luffy from One Piece it can be dangerous.

Finally, I got the rotation schedule of the guards, apparently, they change every 5 hours knowing this I can know the movement of the guards.

This is how I obtained my first valuable information to escape, thus continuing my days listening to all possible conversations in search of information.

I also continued to train constantly with Himiko who became more attached to me every day, wanting to drink my blood at all times, I could know from the connection we had, the desire that she projected left me amazed and worried, if already had a great I wish for my blood, what it would be like in the future as we grow up, maybe it would continue to increase, the only thing I can trust is to keep getting stronger to improve my regeneration rate and prevent Himiko from leaving me dry one day ha ha ha.


Today I have another day of torture, hahhhh, although we are close to the 6 months that I had planned I do not know if we can bear more, this constant torture that they have put us through could have broken us if it were not for the quirk of <VAMPIRE> It has helped us to recover, even so, we are mentally exhausted.

We have had several moments in which we have been on the verge of falling, if it were not for the connection that warned the other person and was comforting us and sending messages of support and encouragement, it is most likely that we would have failed and succumbed.

Himiko has even lost some of the enthusiasm she always had when drinking my blood, if we continue any longer we will not be able to bear it. Arriving at the torture room they tied me to the chair and it started again.

* Arghhhhhh *

'Damn, shit, motherfuckers, motherfuckers'

*Huffff* *Huffff*

'Motherfuckers, you bastards, I'm going to destroy this damn place once I get out of here, I'm going to kill you all ...'

The moment I lost my sanity I could feel a pull inside me waking up from that state, I could feel Himiko sending me feelings of warmth and love that managed to reassure me.

'Hahhh, hahhh, quiet Akira, all in due time, for now, I must endure and when Himiko and I escape I can finally get revenge, yes, just wait, revenge is served on a cold plate'

With his mind reaffirmed, Akira endured the next few hours of electric shocks.

After finishing his treatment, he was taken to his room, and once there he contacted Himiko.

(Himiko change of plans, we will not bear to be in this place for another month, we must speed up our escape) Akira sent through his connection.

(Ehh? Are you sure Aki? You said that we should wait to be completely ready before escaping)

(I know, but we already gathered the guards' schedules, we managed to know some quirks and I already finished the escape plan, if we keep waiting, the only thing we will achieve is succumbing to his torture, also even if the plan fails with our strength we can leave go ahead and escape).

(Ok, if you think we are ready I will follow you no matter how difficult the road is).

(Thanks Himiko. Let's meet in the usual place and there I will explicitly tell you about the escape plan) finishing their conversation Akira went to the library.

Upon arrival he found Himiko reading a medical book, after meeting they headed to the blind spot.

"Himiko, the escape plan is simple, we are going to wait for them to come and change the sheets in our room, as you will know, every 15 days we change our dirty sheets for new ones, for that a lady goes through the rooms and changes the sheets, taking the dirty ones in a cart, the moment she comes to change the sheets in your room you will attack her, you must hurt her, after that, you will use her blood and with your quirk, you will transform into her and then you will come to my room and I will hide in the cart.

After that you will take the cart with me inside to the laundry room, once there we will use the ventilation ducts to move to the reception, there the real challenge will begin, we will have to get out of the duct and run towards the exit.

The problem is that obviously the guards will activate the alarm and start attacking us, so we will have to be quick to escape with the minimum of fighting, and once outside we will have to keep running until we lose them and they cannot find us.

I know it has many gaps and I know that I am asking you a lot when I tell you to attack the cleaning lady, but I cannot think of a better plan and if we miss the opportunity that we have the day after tomorrow, we will have to wait another 15 days before to be able to try" Akira finished explaining his plan.

Himiko said nothing for a few moments and Akira waited for her to finish assimilating the whole plan.

After a few seconds, Himiko spoke "Hmmm I understand, so should I kill her or just hurt her?" Akira upon hearing this wondered if it was normal for a 4-year-old girl to talk about killing someone so easily, but after thinking about all they had to endure, he understood that Himiko was not just any girl, despite having only 4 years old she was very mature and intelligent, having to go through those continuous painful experiences made her mature quickly.

"The best thing is that you just knock her out, if you kill her they can report it as murder and it will be more difficult for us to live on the streets, so just knock her out and extract enough blood to keep your transformation until the laundry room"

"Well, now that you understand the escape plan, we just have to wait for the time to come, remember to follow me at all times and not keep fighting, the main thing is to escape, and then at another time we will return to take revenge"

"Hmmm" Himiko nodded in understanding.

With their plan decided, they returned to their rooms to wait for the time to put their plan into action.

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