24 Akira vs Mozgus

Words: ~3400

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The very same structure carried on for over a month. Akira's days were mostly spent in Washington, DC, under Cathleen's direct supervision. For now all Akira had done was stopped a few petty crimes, similar to what he did as Invincible, but more out in the open and legally.

However, when Akira woke up on the 31st day, the last thing he was expecting was something different.

"There is a rally going on today, according to intelligence, this rally will start in Texas and then the group will travel across the country spreading their ideals and values. The problem is that this rally is led by the Holysee Church," Cathleen grimaced, "I've been ordered to put a stop to the rally before it can grow, so we will be going to Texas."

"It sure beats doing the same thing," Akira said, "But who are the Holysee Church?"

"Oh right, you probably won't know who they are. They are essentially an extremist church group, with thousands of members. They believe that quirks are a gift from God to take matters into their own hands and purge the world from evil. If you are quirkless, then you are seen as an abomination not chosen by God, and if you have a mutant quirk, you are seen as having a quirk from Satan. The members of the church have a very rich history of murdering people like this."

Akira's eyes were wide at the end of the explanation, "Wow…"

"Yeah, but in an age where anyone can get unimaginable powers and be influenced by social media and the masses, it's not all too surprising. This world is focused on quirks, so it's not surprising that a belief like this has drawn so many people in." Cathleen explained. "People want someone to blame their problems on, and it just so happens to be quirkless people and mutants. Hatred strengthened by belief and conviction is a recipe for disaster."

"I see…and the Holysee church is enough of a threat to warrant your attention."

"Trust me, the Holysee church is probably the biggest threat in America right now," Cathleen said, "They've committed countless atrocities, and have such a large following that even the government is getting scared. From what we have gathered about them so far, the leader is a mastermind with

strong subordinates that even the top heroes of the country will have problems with."

"And they're organising a rally? To travel across America and kill quirkless and mutant people? How many people are estimated to be at this rally?" Akira asked.

Cathleen made a so and so gesture, "Around one hundred. But the more they travel, the more people they will get, and the more bloodthirsty they will become." Akira grimaced at the thought.

"Whatever the case, it's our job to stop it. If you are planning to become the number one hero then you better get used to stuff like this."

Akira was beginning to regret his decision of even becoming a hero.


"Are you certain she is going to Texas?" A majestic voice asked.

"Yes your Holiness," Another voice replied, "Our intelligence reports all top heroes elsewhere, and our source has told us that she has been assigned to deal with the issue arising in Texas."

"Good…" The man drummed his voice against his arm chair, "Proceed as planned. When Stars and Stripes arrived in Texas, then give the order for Adam to attack DC."

"Y-Your Holiness, are you sure? Although Stars and Stripes may be gone, Adam may be taken out by another hero."

"Are you questioning my orders?" He glared, his bright blue crystal like eyes bearing down on the subordinate, "Adam isn't entirely dedicated to the cause, and he has even started to undermine me from time to time. Adam is a useful pawn, but one that has to die. Rather than killing him myself, his last act could do some good, and show a fraction of the true strength the church has."

"Y-Yes your Holiness, it is a good plan, forgive me for speaking out."

"You are forgiven, you were just not knowledgeable on some of the facts. If Stars and Stripes does choose to put down the rally before going back to Washington, Mozgus can delay her for at least 15 minutes. That's more than enough time for Adam to destroy half of the DC. Whereas if she decides to go straight away, then Mozgus can run wild for as long as he wants. Either way, America burns."

"A perfect plan, your Holiness."


It took them just over an hour to arrive in Texas. It would have been faster, but Akira was embarrassed to admit that he held his mentor back from arriving quicker.

Cathleen looked at her phone, "It says we're in the right town. According to intelligence, it was recently found out that a man named Mozgus lives in, or in that church over there," She pointed upwards.

You couldn't miss it. Located on top of a steep hill sat a singular building, or more in particular a church. It was multiple stories in height and painted completely white, and when the bright sun shone down on the building it truly looked mesmerising.

"Mozgus is the one that will apparently lead this rally, going through this town and executing any known quirkless or mutation quirked people before travelling across to the next. Who knows what kind of transport these crazy fuckers have…they probably have some quirks to help them." Cathleen said thoughtfully, rubbing her chin.

"C'mon, we need to get closer," Cathleen urged. She glanced around, making sure no one was watching, "Hold my hand and put on an Invisible rule."

Akira complied, turning invisible shortly after his mentor had done so. He glanced at his hand, and saw that not only his body, but also his clothes were made invisible.

'My hero costume is made out of my hair fibres, so certain <Orders> actually work on my costume as well. All it took was a quick hair growth <Order> and a couple of good haircuts to get my hero costume. If my hair turns invisible, then my hero costume which is made out of my hair should do so as well.'

Ever since Nezu handed him the document to submit his hero costume, Akira had begun repeating this process and building up a stockpile of hair for the costume makers to use. He had even brought a couple of spare costumes during his trip, and had a few laying at home in his closet.

They silently made their way up the hill, making sure not to make any noise. A deep voice, shouting and screaming slowly got louder and louder and they made their way up the hill. Eventually, they saw the source of the noise.

"I come here to you here today brothers, with orders from his holiness. As you all know, we will venture across this country, killing our enemies and spreading the good message of the lord! God gave us quirks, and it is our job to use them to remove the vermin from the world! The abominations walk on our sacred earth, poisoning it by the second! We will travel across America and enact divine justice on these monsters!"

The man who was preaching had a very unique appearance. He towered over everyone else, being over 10 feet in height and had a very square like body. Wrapped around his gigantic body was a white robe that stretched with the emblem of the Holysee church on the front. His facial features were like stone, but his eyes held an undeniable rage in them.

"Wow, he looks…different." Cathleen said, her voice a whisper. Akira silently nodded beside her, after the dawn of quirks, genetics have been a very intriguing thing. His ancestors most likely had a quirk which gave them increased height in some capacity, and it was passed from generation to generation.

"Well, time to take care of this stupid gathering, there is a nice cafe in the town, wanna grab something to eat afterwards?" Cathleen asked. Before Akira could answer, there was a loud buzz.

His eyes shot up, afraid that the crowd may have heard, but their shouts and cheers easily drowned out the noise. He turned back to Cathleen, who had just begun a string and curses and shouts.

"Shit, Washington is under attack!"

"What?" Akira's eyes widened.

"I have to go," He heard the shakiness in Cathleen's voice, "Thousands of people are already dead, and even Lochness is down for the count. It's a code red situation, I need to go there!"

"Prepare to leave!!!" Mozgus shouted, interrupting their dilemma.

"And there's this issue too…Shit!" Cathleen cursed, conflicted in her choice to stay or go. Despite the invisibility, Akira could notice her internal conflict. He cancelled his invisibility and offered her a reassuring smile, "Go, I will deal with this."

"Are you sure?" Cathleen was still on the fence. Her body was shaking, unsure of what to do.

"Do you trust your student? You take care of the situation in Washington, and I'll take care of everything here, now go!"

Cathleen temporarily deactivated her invisibility and smiled, "Thank you, and good luck." She said sincerely, putting her invisibility back on and dashing away.

Once Akira was left alone, the reality of the situation set in on him. His heart started beating faster, and a slight pit in his stomach settled in him, but he grinned. He calmed the beating of his heart, deciding for the next best course of action.

From the looks of it, the massive crowd could either be the biggest, or the least of his problems depending on how he took it. He needed to take down the massive crowd in one fell swoop, before they could do anything. Then he could take care of the huge fucker at the back.

He thought of a plan for the next couple of minutes, and after putting on the correct <Orders>, he attacked.

The large crowd that had formed were suddenly engulfed in a giant sphere of earth. Before they could react, he added layer after layer and condensed the earth, making it a very hard barrier to break.

He appeared behind the dome of his creation, creating a few narrow slits in the structure before uttering the words, "⭐I can produce sleeping gas⭐"

His entire body began emitting a pink gas, and he pushed as much of it as he could inside these small slits. The earth dome shook and threatened to break under the power conviction of everyone trapped in, but Akira simultaneously reinforced the structure while pushing his sleeping gas inside the dome.

He only knew the sleeping gas had worked when the sounds of struggling had ceased and it was completely silent.


The dome was suddenly shattered under an unknown force. Akira was sent flying back, but managed to adjust himself in the air. Glancing up, he saw Mozgus standing above the unconscious bodies of his people, his large fist covered in specks of dirt.

"You heretic, how dare you…" Mozgus's voice was calm, but held a sharp fury to it that would have gave any man chills.

"You are interfering with God's work, why?"

Akira laughed, "You call this God's work, I call this brain damage."

"YOU BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU!" Akira covered his ears from the raged scream Mozgus produced, but his hands quickly moved to the side as Mozgus launched at him with surprisingly quick speed for his stature.

Mozgus' large and stumpy hand tried to grab at him, but Akira effortlessly dodged the attempt, turning Mozgus' momentum against him as his foot impacted on his face.


Mozgus shot backwards, impacting through the church with a loud crash. The impact was so strong that the foundation of the church had begun falling brick after brick, piece after piece. With each part that fell, more of them followed, creating a huge snowball effect that eventually saw the complete destruction of the building.

Although the building had been destroyed, Akira knew the person inside wasn't. Through the destroyed rubble, he could hear the rough breathing that sounded less human and more like a feral beast.

Bits of broken white concrete flew like comets off the hill as Mozgus revealed himself, only this time he looked…different. His body was now covered in a large stone, scaly hide that reflected the sun. A pair of rock-like wings started from his shoulders, turning into massive stone-like creatures with mind's of their own.

"Ugly…" Akira found himself saying. "⭐I can see weaknesses ⭐" He whispered to himself. Akira glanced towards Mozgus, scanning him and his armour for any weaknesses.

'Anger…Decreased Intelligence…Damaged knees.' He analysed. Akira could maybe use that last one especially, but what worried him the most was the fact that there were no weaknesses in this armour of his.

He whispered a few <Orders> to himself, testing various ones against his armour. Stone, rock, concrete, but with neither of them he felt a connection to that armour he was wearing, so he would have no chance to manipulate it. His only way through it would mean he would have to break through it.

"I'll give you one last chance heretic! Repent in front of me, and join me in my quest! I'll accept you as my disciple!" Mozgus shouted.

"Ok!" Akira said desperately, "I'll do it! Please accept me as your disciple!" He screamed.

Mozgus smiled, "Perfect! Now come over here, and let me bless you in the name of our holiness."

"Ok," Akira made his way over to Mozgus. He stood in front of the man who cast an inescapable shadow upon him.

"Ok, now kneel and let me bless yo–ARGHHH" Akira delivered a lethal blow to Mozgus' stomach, creating a spiderweb of cracks in the armour. Before he could follow up, Mozgus slammed his backfist across Akira's face, swatting him like a fly.

The air around Akira split as he was launched off the hill. Spitting out a glob of blood and a tooth, he adjusted himself in midair, creating a wind manipulation <Order> and flying back towards the hill.

To his surprise, Mozgus took flight as well, closing the distance between himself and Akira.

"RAHHH!!!" He screamed. A burning blue flame left his mouth, expanding as it got closer to Akira.

"⭐I can control fire⭐" Like he had done with Dabi, he sent the attack right back at the angered priest. The flames tried to burn it's creator, but they easily dwindled against the defence of the stone armour, allowing Mozgus too come out unscathed.

'I suspected as much.' Akira put his super strength <Order> back on as Mozgus charged at him.

"I'll kill you!!!" the stone monster roared as he reared back his hulking stone fist. At the last second, Akira kicked the air, dodging to the side. Condensing a sharp blade of wind around his foot, Akira pierced it through Mozgus' stomach, or at least tried to.

The scaled armour was strong, and Akira barely managed to leave a dent in it. He kicked the air again, moving out of Mozgus' range. He needed to go back to the ground so he could free up an <Order>.

He flew back to the ground, but instead of flying back to the hill in which the destroyed church lay, he flew towards a nearby empty field. He looked for anything he could manipulate against Mozgus, but the landscape was completely empty.

Glancing behind him, he saw the mad priest slowly catching up to him. Sighing, he shot downwards, landing where his opponent landed a second later. With a rageful expression he said, "Even if the environment changes, you can't defeat me."

"This isn't just a new environment, this is your resting place."

In response, Mozgus launched forward. As he closed the distance, the feathers from his wings seemed to change into a flurry of fists which descended onto Akira like holy judgement from up above.

Even with the indestructible <Order> active, Akira still felt the brunt of each and single fist. He tried to fight back, but it was futile. For every fist he pushed away, another 2 hit him. All he could do was cover his head and retreat.

The endless attacks suddenly ceased, giving Akira a moment to breathe. Just as he thought he was safe, Mozgus' wings slammed into him, causing Akira to spit out a glob of blood.

His body found itself slowly being crushed under the force of Mozgus' wings. He felt his bones begin to creak and crack, and his body felt as if it was being pulverised. His fingers bent back and forth, digging into the slots between the scales as they tried to gain a stable hold on the wings.

"⭐I am immune to crushing!⭐" He spoke, and Akira felt slight relief as his struggle got slightly easier for a brief moment, before he had an even harder time pushing Mozgus back because he no longer had super strength.

Despite the <Order>, Mozgus' wings prevailed, as Akira still felt the stone wings slowly push his body further in.

Inch by inch, Mozgus' wings slowly got closer to each other. The pain was now unbearable, Akira felt like his body was being crushed by gravity. His eyes suddenly widened like he had an epiphany.

'Wait…gravity?' Akira had an idea.

"⭐I…can…control…gravity!⭐" Akira spoke, blood dripping from his mouth. He felt the change come to his body and centred the power around his hands. With a push of force he shouted, "REPEL!"


Mozgus' wings were blown backwards, causing him to stumble slightly. Ignoring the pain in his body, Akira infused his fist with the power of gravity and punched Mozgus' stomach with all the might he could muster.


The priest had quickly recovered, blocking the fist with his wings and protecting his stomach from further harm.

"Useless!" Mozgus sent Akira to the ground, "My powers come directly from God himself, there's no way you can defeat me!"

"Hahh…Hahh…" Akira was beginning to lose a lot of blood and energy. He could barely stand, it was only gravity keeping him up now.

"Before we proceed, could I have your full name?" Akira asked.

"I have no name! I am merely an apostle of God himself! That is who will kill you!" Mozgus replied, and Akira silently tutted.

Mozgus wasted no time and leaped towards Akira to finish him off, but he was enveloped in a purple aura which crushed the ground beneath him and stopped his advance. Mozgus' knees dropped to the ground, and he found himself unable to get up.

A trickle of blood left Akira's nose as he struggled to keep the gravity binding powers on Mozgus. Slowly but surely, Mozgus began finding his footing and started walking to Akira. That walk into a jog, then a sprint.

Akira floated up, simultaneously using his gravity powers to push Mozgus down while pushing himself upwards. He wouldn't beat Mozgus like this, he needed something else.

"⭐ The atmosphere below me will be removed! ⭐" The energy left Akira's stomach and warped into the air below him, turning the atmosphere into nothing but a gaping pit of absence. The power of the <Order> was fully shown visually, as where Akira's <Order> was targeted towards was a massive transparent star.

Mozgus covered his mouth with his hand, fighting against Akira's powers and launching himself upwards.

The ground caved below, but no sound was emitted. Akira's hand tightened, reinforcing his power on Mozgus. He crashed back into the ground, but it gave Akira no solace as he was slowly losing consciousness. He looked towards Mozgus who struggled with as much vigour as he had done before. He needed to stay conscious until Mozgus suffocated.

'Don't try it, just give up.' Akira silently pleaded. With every second that passed, it felt like an eternity. Mozgus got up again on shaky knees, staring at Akira with that same look.

'Please,' Akira pleaded once more. the inhuman creature jumped again, and the only thing Akira could do was watch as he felt his powers on Mozgus snap like a band. His speed multiplied, and just as Mozgus' hand was about to crush him, his eyes turned white.

He was sent crashing back into the earth, the noise easily hearable. Using the last vestiges of his strength, Akira floated down to the floor. Both he fell unconscious, he had the energy to mutter 2 <Orders> to increase his recovery time, and then he fell unconscious to the sounds of police sirens.


A/N: Quite an eventful chapter. We are introduced to another antagonistic group based in America, the Holysee church.

This is also the first time we have seen Akira truly push himself and use his powers to the best of hid abilities.

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