MHA: Minor Quirk System ( almost having no quirk)

Oki Takemikazuchi led a normal life though he was a loner his mind never bothered about it. One day which seems to be like normal casual days for him was unexpectedly not normal at all. He was transmigrated into a world of quirks and the 5 year old body he reincarnated had the same name. From the 5 year old's memory, Oki learns about his body not having a quirk but lucky for him he has a system but a system that gives quirks but weak ones and few body upgrades which may seem to make Oki just above a normal human but are they though???. Follow the story of how a kid with no quirks becomes the first of his kind to become a hero, at least to the outside world and the one feared by many villains in the future.

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Training Starts(0)!!! B-day!

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I was sleeping as usual until my body flared up like never before.

My quirk was on haywire, I thought of jumping out of bed, but before I could do anything, I was hit with cold water, ice cubes and a blue bucket over my face. Removing the bucket which is over my head, I saw the entity of evilness. I knew the smile on its face would be my newest nightmare for months and if not years.

" Happy Birthday, my dear Oki!!!"

I snapped out of my delusion and saw grandma standing near my bed with a sinister smile.

" Thank you, grandma. It seems you wanted to be the first to wish me today and with a surprise."

My brain didn't ring any bells, but soon her smile widened.' Ok, think Oki, this gotta be an illusion ... Oh wait, today is my birthday, and that means...'

" Did you forgot what I told you a week ago?'

' Oh crap, it seems my training starts at 2:45 AM!!!'

" No, gr-grandma, I am ready."

" Oh, you are ready ye."

I nod and get out of my bed.

" Today will be just a warmup, and from tomorrow we will start your training, young Oki. Is that alright ?"

I nod vigorously

" Good, I will give you a... Oh, what time is it now?... Oh, it is 2:50. Good. Well, then, Oki, I will give you 10 minutes."

" 10 minutes. What for grandma?"

" To brush and do your necessities. After your done with your things, I want you to be at the garden by 3, if not..."

I didn't stay to hear things. 'Ok, the way she is acting is giving me creeps.'

I rush towards the bathroom with my brush and towel. I did finish my work in 10 minutes and stood in the garden.

" YOU ARE LATE! Oki, I told you to be here by 3, and it is 3:05, and since you are late by 5 minutes, I want you to do 500 Jumping Jacks. You got it."

What are you taking me for? 500? Is this the Mike Tyson workout?


" Y-Yes, grandma"

I didn't know why but I feared her. The kind and sweet grandma is a monster now. I immediately started my jumping jacks, and by 40, my right side below my lungs, which I assume near my liver, started to hurt, but I still didn't give up and did a 100, then I fell down. The intensity of 100 Jumping jacks was severe on me. I totally forgot I was 7 years old and not 22 like my previous life.

" 100 is better than 0. Well, it is your first day and if you do this again..."

" Th-that won-wont happen again gra-grandma *cough-cough*."

" Oh! I am impressed. You did 100 jumping jacks straight and... well, take half an hour break. I wouldn't generally give a break and consider this a birthday present."

She ended her sentence with a warm smile. Well, it would be warm, but now it is the symbol of evil. I walked towards the neam tree, sat there for a while, and thought of checking the time as I could already see the dawn. But, before that, I was hit by a wooden stick, and my 'Instinct' didn't even sense the attack.

"Hurry up! I want you to run for 5 KM, which would be 5 times the entire garden. I will tell you what you have to do next."

I simply nod and start running...well, more like jogging. By the time I finished the 1 Km mark, my legs had given up. I am on the ground, and my body was pouring sweat out of my body. I look at my left knee and see that it is sprained.

"It seems you have sprained your leg. Well, take a day today. We will start true training tomorrow."

' Is this what you mean by training? This is just you want me to quit the thought of me becoming a hero.'

I took my time to get up from the place I have fallen and started to limp towards Orphanage and then to my room, or at least that is what supposed to happen, as I was hit by an aroma.

I turned towards the origin and see Pizzas in cardboard boxes stacked up. I rush towards it and try to take a slice only for a stick to block my hands advance. " What are you doing, Oki?"

" I am sorry...I-I will wash my hands, Sister Melo."

" No, Oki. What I meant is, what are you doing here in the dining room? You were supposed to eat with mom, and she already told us that we sho-"

" I will have a slice at least, please." I look at her with my *puppy eye twinkling no-jutsu*. My brain didn't process what she said as I was enticed by the aroma.

" Nope! Didn't you hear what I said? You will have your breakfast with mom an-"

Sister Fujita " Sorry, Oki, you are banned from entering the dining room, and you will be eating with aunty(Velocity) from now on."

Sister Fujita cut sister Melo's speech and spoke out the point.

' PIZZAAAAA!!!!!!!!!'

I move away, grumbling. I take a hot bath, and let me tell you, it is the most refreshing thing I need right now. After my bath and change of clothes, I hurried towards grandma's room and as I was going to knock on the door.

" Come in, Oki" She knew I was coming! How was she spying on me?

I open the door and saw grandma, who sat on a chair, and in front of her was a brand new table which I am sure was a new one.

" Have a seat Oki" I took a seat, and out of nowhere, there was a bowl of pure greens in front of me and nothing else.

" This will be your breakfast and don't hold back. If you want more, just ask me I will serve... alright?"

The F*** you mean alright you... old hag of a monster... is that something new I created?

Well, I took out a fork and start piercing the greens and started munching them. Honestly, it was good, but it would be boring if you eat this every day.

I munched on them as if I had starved for a year or something, then I was told that I would be eating with grandma from today and every day.

I had a whole day to rest, and so that is what I planned to do. Which was nothing but laying on the bed and nothing else.

Soon the day was about to end, and as the time for dinner was about to arrive, I was in the garden.

Well... That is not the proper way to put it. I was on my bed a second ago and was teleported to the garden.


I turned around and saw everyone from the Orphanage in front of a cake. It warmed my heart.

Soon, there was a cake-cutting ceremony and a normal chat. But I was banned from eating cake, and everything else, except I, had the permission to eat ice cream and drink soda along with my dinner at grandma's room.

After everything went down, and at 21:00, I hit the bed and hoping tomorrow would be the day I will start the training. Or be trained by grandma.


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