14 Is this me?

After they confirmed their relationship, they were reluctant to part with each other.

However, in the end, they were still students, so they parted since it was impossible for them to stay together till night.

Mineta sent Ibara home and said, "See you tomorrow, Shiozaki-san."

"Yes, Mineta-san!"

Ibara was so happy that her heart almost burst out when she thought about their relationship, but when she thought they would part away, she was reluctant. She looked at him for a moment and thought he had become so cute in her mind. She suddenly thought of an idea before she kissed his cheek before she ran away.

"Thank you for sending me!"

She ran into her home as if trying to escape from the embarrassment.


Mineta touched the warm feeling on his cheek and smiled.

After all, who won't feel happy when a girl kisses you?

Mineta didn't immediately go home since he could see Ibara peeking at him secretly. He took his smartphone and chatted with her on the chat app.

Mineta: "No problem, and thanks for the kiss. It felt nice."

Ibara: "Do you want another kiss?"

Mineta: "Please!"

Ibara: "You wish!"

The two laughed.

Mineta: "Then, I will go back. See you tomorrow, Shiozaki-san."

"See you tomorrow, Mineta-san."

Ibara didn't answer him through the chat app. Instead, she came out of her house and waved her hand excitedly.

Mineta also waved his hand before showing a reluctant expression and leaving. However, as he left, he quickly checked his rewards. He might seem like a bastard, but when Ibara wasn't on his side, he didn't have anything to do, and what's the point of being a hypocrite?

The system had been ringing many times before, making him quite curious.

<Congratulations, you have made your first girlfriends!>

<As you have made a girlfriend, you will receive 1,000 points everyday>

<As you have made a girlfriend, you have received three random rewards>

While he was in a daze, he also read another announcement.

<The system will give you corresponding rewards as you have made a girlfriend>

<The longer you date and the more intimate you are with your girlfriends, the more rewards you receive>

<As you have more girlfriends, your rewards can be stacked, and you will receive more rewards>

<Work hard, young man!>

<Your journey has just started!>

He halted his steps, and he wasn't able to wake up for a while since he must admit as long as he was able to get a girlfriend, this system was simply incredible.

Suddenly he thought about some words that he had learned in the past.

It is only tough in the beginning, but as you have learned, the better you are.

It is like a snowball. The longer it is, the bigger it is.

Still, he must admit that he was almost crying since even if he had seduced many women in the past, his appearance definitely helped him. In this life, he didn't have that advantage.

If he had an advantage over many people, it definitely wasn't about money, power, or appearance.

Instead, it was only his experience and confidence.

Those two were the only things that he had.

If there were more than one target, it would be better since he didn't like to only focus on one girl. After all, if he failed, he could move on to the next target.

Unfortunately, the target was only Ibara, but at the same time, fortunately, the girl he met for the first time was Ibara.

If it was someone else, it might not be smooth since he knew how important an appearance was.

It was like a guy who only glanced at a beautiful woman. The woman also only took a glance at a handsome man.

If one didn't have an advantage over appearance, everything would be over.

Fortunately, Ibara wasn't such a girl and fell for his wit, humor, eloquence, confidence, and personality.

Still, if his appearance was like Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the frog prince in the fairy tale, everything would be tough.

He suddenly thought that if he had money or a "Quirk" that was capable of brainwashing someone's mind, it would be easier.

After all, in this world, as long as you have money and a powerful "Quirk," everything is possible.

Unfortunately, his "Quirk" was just a sticky ball-like thing on his head.

It was just that, nothing else.

His money also wasn't that much.

Well, even if he had such a thing, it would be useless since the system disallowed him to use such methods, and if he wanted to receive rewards, he had to follow the rules of the game.

Anyway, he knew that after Ibara became his girlfriend, he would receive 1,000 points daily. It was a nice sum of points. Using those points, he could gain one cm of height every day, which was something he was grateful about.

However, what was even more outrageous, he would also get a reward as he kept dating her.

Starting from a week, a month, half a year, a year, two years, and so on, as he kept dating her, he would receive a reward.

As for being intimate, he would also get a reward when he did an intimate action with Ibara, like how he got a new ability when she held his hand.

Unfortunately, he didn't get a reward when she hugged or kissed him on his cheek before.

'Should I do more intimate action with her?'

He wasn't in a hurry since he knew it was only a time before they became more intimate.

Then, he looked at the three random rewards he got, but he decided to hold them since it was better to open them in his room where no one was around. He only realized it before, but the rewards were accepted automatically.

Last time, he was lucky since he got an ability that wasn't visible to the eyes.

If he had received the ability to transform into a dinosaur or dragon, it would lead to terrible consequences.

"I am back!"

Similar to Ibara, he was also living in a standard size house.

The land of his house was around 100 meters square, but the building size was quite huge since it had two floors.

When he returned, he hadn't met his parents since, except for the weekend, they would return quite late on weekdays. He took off his shoes and quickly entered his room, which was located on the 2nd floor.

He sat on his bed and took a deep breath before he opened his rewards.

Then, the three random rewards became three amazing rewards, which made him speechless.

<You have received: "one point charm," "one point charm," and "Pop Off (Intermediate)>

Those three rewards were quickly accepted by his body, and he quickly saw the change in his body.


He thought it was quite painful, but he realized he underestimated the process since it was just the beginning.

His bones were moving around, causing him unbearable pain, and at the same time, the four ball-like hairs, which formed like a mohawk, also started to change. He kept moving around his bed as he held his uniform, gasping, feeling his entire body roar in pain.

He wanted to scream but couldn't, so he could only grit his teeth, holding the pain in his body.

The process was only one minute, but it felt like an eternity.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

When he could breathe normally again, he sucked all the oxygen greedily. He felt so tired and hungry, but he wanted to see the change in his body. He stood up and looked into the mirror before feeling speechless.


"...Is this me?"

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