38 First day

After Ibara moved, she spent her time mostly at Mineta's house. After all, while her apartment was okay, his house was more comfortable and convenient when they did something they shouldn't do.

Lastly, she found out that the condition of her vine-like hair was better when she did it with Mineta, which made her even more excited at night.

Fortunately, Mineta had a "Lunar" ability, which made him practically invincible at night. If he didn't have it, he would be dried out by her sooner or later.

Kendo and Kodai also often played at his house since school hadn't started, and they didn't know anyone besides the four of them in this town. Naturally, their relationship became even closer to each other.

Still, Kodai was dumbfounded by how Mineta made juice.

Mineta only held a good tomato quality, which had become gigantic with Kodai's Quirk, and squeezed it, causing juice to pour out.


He held a glass filled with fresh tomato juice.

Kodai's hands were shaking before she sipped the tomato juice.


Her eyes shone brightly, and she was so excited since it was her first time tasting such delicious pure tomato juice!

"No matter how I saw it, this ability is too amazing, right?" Kendo was speechless since Mineta had just squeezed something, and juice poured out. "Have you used that ability on something other than a fruit?"

"Well, I have tried it on many things, such as a rock, a tree, fish..."

"...What?" 2x

Even Kodai didn't even use her "mm" anymore.

"It's true." Ibara nodded, "As long as he squeezes something, the juice will come out from it."

"Eh? Anything?"


"How about lava?"

"If you can bring lava here, I can make it for you."

Frankly, he was also quite curious about the taste of lava. He tasted the taste of juice from the air, fire, electricity, ice, and various other elements which he could find around him.

'If this ability becomes a master mastery, should I be able to squeeze anything without touching them?'

He thought that "Squeeze Manipulation" was a powerful ability, especially when he thought about its "very" possibility in the future, considering it could help in warfare.

"Instead of talking about my ability, are you prepared for school? It will start in two days, you know?"

Mineta looked at the three girls in front of him.

Leaving Ibara aside since she had kept her uniform in his house, he wondered whether it was alright for Kodai and Kendo to stay in his place like this.

Frankly, they had been staying in his house for quite a while.

Whether it was playing a game, reading a book, or eating food, they did it together.

He didn't mind their companion, but it was hard for him to stay with Ibara alone, which made him sigh.

"It's okay. I have prepared well." Kendo answered calmly while sipping the coffee juice, which was her favorite.

"Mm!" Kodai nodded.


Mineta looked at Kodai, wondering whether this girl could say something other than "Mm!"

"But it's a shame you can't be in the 1-B class." Kendo sighed.

Ibara and Kodai were the same since if Mineta could enter the 1-B class, it would be even better.

Unfortunately, he was in the 1-A class.

While he also wanted to move to the 1-B class, he couldn't say much in this situation since he couldn't control which class he would be in.

"It can't be helped. The school is the one who makes a decision. Even if I want to move to your class, it isn't something I can control."

Mineta wasn't sure why, but he felt the 1-B class would be more comfortable than the 1-A class. Their companion aside, this was what his gut told him.

"Well, enough about this. How about we eat first?"

They nodded, but then Kodai said, "Oh, right, sorry for before Minoru-kun. I have entered one of your rooms without permission." When she wondered whether the toilet was, she didn't expect to enter the wrong room.

"It's okay. You don't know where the bathroom is, after all."

"But what room is that? Why are there a lot of fishing poles and tools for sculpture?" Kodai was confused since the tools in that room were so comprehensive. She also saw several cameras and computers in that room.

'Also, why does he feel familiar?' Kodai had always been thinking about this question.

"Huh? Don't you know?" Ibara looked at Kodai strangely.


"Hey, what are you talking about?" Kendo also joined the conversation curiously.

Ibara gave a helpless sigh and said, "He's an All-Tuber."

"All-Tuber?" 2x

Ibara didn't say much and showed his channel from her smartphone.


Kendo and Kodai couldn't say much and only took their pen, asking him for a sign.

"May we ask for your signature?" 2x



His explanation took a while, but fortunately, Kodai and Kendo didn't stay too long.

Mineta slept on Ibara's lap, and she amusedly rubbed his head.



"Is your relationship with Yui and Itsuka close?"


Mineta looked at Ibara, who stared at him, thinking that her gaze was kind of scary. Yet this situation didn't make him flustered. He raised his body and pulled her into his arms.

"Are you jealous?"


While Mineta acted like before, without changing much, Ibara felt Kendo and Kodai were too close to him. However, it was hard to say since they were friends, and she was afraid to be seen as a petty girlfriend who was easily jealous.

However, Mineta chuckled, which made her pout.

"You're laughing again."

"It can't be helped. You're so cute, after all."

He lifted his body and inhaled the scent of her hair.

Still, Ibara pouted, feeling annoyed since he didn't make his words clear.

"But this is a normal emotion since I will be jealous if you're close to other guys too."

"Really?" Ibara looked at Mineta curiously and felt relief since she wasn't the only one.

"Of course." Mineta kissed her ear gently and said, "You're mine, after all."

"You're mine too."

Ibara's mood improved, and she rubbed her cheek on him happily.

He smiled but didn't say anything. Still, he sighed inwardly since he had to say her hair was quite prickly.

"By the way, are you going to stay tonight?"


Ibara glanced at him as her ears reddened.


Even if they had done it many times, Ibara was still shy. However, if she was asked, she wouldn't reject him since it felt good.

"By the way, can you wear your uniform?"


Ibara realized that her boyfriend was a pervert.

"You should wear your uniform too."

And she also realized she was also a pervert.


Two days passed, and it was the first day of his high school life in Yuuei.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror and showed his best. He knew that there would be many girls that could trigger his system there. While he was tempted, he didn't really want to break up with Ibara, so maybe, he would only get a reward by holding hands since it was the fastest and safest way for him to get a reward.

Wearing the Yuuei uniform, he must admit it wasn't bad.

Even though it wasn't his first time wearing it, considering he had worn it two days ago.

Still, unlike others, he had just modified his uniform, lowering the size of his pants, so they would fit the shape of his legs perfectly.

Charm: 8 (+1)

Physical ability: 9

Intelligence: 8

Quirk: "Pop Off (Intermediate);" "Speed Augmentation (Intermediate);" "Color Manipulation (Expert);" "Hardening (Beginner);" "Ultimate Eyes (Intermediate);" "Spin Manipulation (Beginner); "Support Drink (Expert);" "Squeeze Manipulation (Expert); "Lunar" (Master)."

Skill: "Fishing (Master);" Cinema Art (Master); "Sculpting (Master)"

Points: 71,000 points.

He looked at his points and knew he only needed 29,000 points to raise his "Pop Off" from intermediate to expert mastery.

He looked at his bomber jacket for a moment before he looked at the blazer of the Yuuei. He hesitated before he took the blazer since he was too lazy to be called by a teacher on the first day. He put on his white Converse shoes before he walked out of his house while putting WindPods on his ears.

However, before he played the music, he heard someone call him.



Mineta looked at Kendo, who happened to stand in front of his house.

Kendo looked at him for a moment, up and down, and praised him. "You look good."

"You too." Mineta smiled helplessly, wondering how this girl praised someone so easily like a master pick-up. Any other guy might have fallen for her because of friendliness, then confessed and was rejected by her. Naturally, he was also included, which made him lament how cruel a gentle girl was.

They were kind to all of you, but the truth was they didn't feel anything toward you.

Yet this was also the best girl for one to get since one didn't have to use a lot of energy to get her since as long as she was interested, she would be the one who took the initiative.

"Do you want to go to school together?"


Kendo smiled brightly and stood next to him.

The two walked next to each other and started their first day as students of Yuuei High School.

Still, he glanced at Kendo, who kept talking with a happy smile, and thought that this girl definitely would become a popular girl in the school.

As for what would happen between them, he wasn't in a hurry and decided to take everything step by step.

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