9 'First' day

''YOU GOT WHAT?!'' The moment Justin entered class, he got yelled at by the majority of the boys, who suddenly pulled him to the side of the classroom by the guys.

''How, and I can not stress this enough Justin. Is your pull game so fucking strong, you already got Momo interested?!'' Whispered Kaminari in an aggressive tone.

There were nods around as Justin raised his shoulders. ''I believe in simple terms men. I helped her, and she rewarded me. I know a lot about women's underwear.''

''That's it?! That's all you had to do to pull the first day? Is know about women's underwear?'' Sero asked, getting a nod from Sato.

''Not a lot, too much and it's weird but just enough to help them when questions arrive.''

''Damnit, at this rate Justin will lose his virginity before we do!'' Kirishima cursed beneath his breath.

Justin raised a brow as he watched them all. ''What do you mean lose? Can't lose something if you don't have it.'' Justin then pats Kirishima's shoulders with a soft shake of his head before walking past them to go chat up Uraraka and Momo.

The guys all turned around to look at the back of, possibly the greatest Hero they've ever seen, slack-jawed and awed, a small spark of divine belief starting then of a being they could only hope to one day be.

Justin pulled a chair from a desk as he turned it around and sat, leaning his chest against the back of the chair as he interjected himself into their conversation.

''You know Momo, whereas I don't mind receiving a hot underwear photo from a hot classmate, you just may have made me a god to some of the guys of this class.''

Momo smiled all too cheerfully. ''Did you like it?''

Uraraka looked up from her cram textbook. ''Wait, you sent him an underwear photo?... Did he help you pick out underwear?''

Momo turned to nod towards her before she offered her hand to Justin. ''Phone?''

''I'll warn you now, if you see a message from someone named 'Mom' do not open it.''

Justin palmed his phone to her, only to have her open it, surprised at the fact he didn't have a password before she went to his contacts, and pulled up her messages. Showing the pictures to Uraraka.

''Both of you... How do you do it? You're so...''

Both Justin and Momo spoke up at the same time. ''Confident?'' It earned a grin from the both of them as Uraraka nodded.

''It's about knowing what you're good at, knowing what you're bad at, and knowing what's impossible for you. Understand yourself, forget how others will feel, and focus on being the best person you want to be, because if all others put you down, or can't accept you for who you are? Then they are not friends.'' Justin replied, resting his crossed arms over the back of the chair, despite the school uniform it was just tight enough in the right places to provide a perfect view of his physique, something Nezu did himself.

Was it weird that Justin technically had an animal as a very smart, and very powerful wingman? Maybe to some, but Nezu apparently needed Justin to breed strong offspring, Justin alone was something that could turn a large tide, if Nezu was able to get a few little offsprings, he could possibly forcibly change the current corrupted world as it is, using an army of scary fuckers.

Momo spoke up as she handed Justin's phone back, after having sent the pictures from his phone to the group chat labeled 'The boys.'

A small wave of excitement happened on the other side of the room.

''My confidence was built a little differently... I know I have rich parents and was born with a golden spook, but I have... Worked my ass off to get here, my quirk makes it so I must know everything about what I make, there are few things I can't take apart, and fewer things I wouldn't be able to put back together. I know I earned my right to be here... Everyone has a different way can be confident... Think about it this way Uraraka... Most people in this class come from well-off families or have great connections... But you and a few others in this class have worked hard to be able to attend it. You don't have any great connections, and you don't have rich families, but with your hard work and tenacity, you have got here. You belong here, just as much as the rest of us.''

''You also have a GREAT ass, so be proud of that.''

Uraraka punched Justin's shoulder, however, since it didn't budge him she instead caused him to begin floating.

Few would notice, but Justin released small bursts of nearly impossible-to-see biomass to keep him upright and steady in the air despite him floating.

Uraraka didn't know this because she's so used to Justin... But her quirk limit had risen exponentially. Even with the quirks that made him lighter, that didn't mean he would always have it active, at least not at full power.

''Who do you think's ass is better?'' Momo asked, her hands holding her chin as she smiled at the both of them.

''Definitely Uraraka's, hands-on. You have a great shape and it matches your proportions, but I know in depth how she's packin'.''

Uraraka hit him again, causing him to release as he landed back with his chair, feet first to stabilize his landing before he lowered the chair down as well. Uraraka turned away but did little to hide the blush and smile across her face.

Justin's phone rang and he took it off the table as he brought it to his ear. ''Justin's Burial service, you stab 'em, we slab 'em.''

Nezu's voice was on the other side of the phone. ''I just wanted to let you know before class starts, that you have a date with Miriko, Rumi Usagiyama, the Rabbit Hero. On Saturday this week, at 9:45 AM near the national forest park!''

Nezu then proceeded to offer no more information and then hung up. Just as Aizawa opened the door.

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