1 Icicles

(General POV)

[Loading up system...system has fully loaded.]

A 12 year old kid with shaggy black hair, blank black eyes closes his eyes and flinches in pain.

'Goddamit I fucking hate the transfer of memories.'

The boy now identified as Kiyoko, lifts up his head and groans.

'What is it this time system.'

[We are currently in the world of MHA or My Hero Academia, a popular anime that you watched in your original world during your teenage years.]

'Great, great, great, what am I supposed to do here.'

[The previous host of this body you're inhabiting wanted to become a hero with his ice quirk but died from a heart attack before he could ever realize his dreams. The current mission is to become a pro hero, there are also 3 other side missions to complete along with many optional achievements to complete in this world.]

[Main Mission: Become A Pro Hero has been assigned.]

[Side Mission: Complete All Achievements In The Ice Quirk Tab has been assigned.]

[Side Mission: Enroll In U.A has been assigned.]

[Side Mission: Defeat Shoto Todoroki has been assigned.]

[These are the different tabs of achievements.]

Kiyoko scrolls through the achievements of each tab with an annoyed look on his face.

'At the very least I don't have to fill these all out.'

He decides to focus on his status to see what he's working with.

[Name: Kiyoko


Quirk: D-Rank: Icicles Level 1/100

Strength: D

Agility: D

Endurance: D]

Kiyoko stares at the screen for a few seconds before closing his eyes and laying back down on his bed.

'So this dude was a normal human with a weak quirk that only creates small amounts of ice with no way to control or shape them. Is that correct system?'

[Yes, but the host can still get other quirks related to ice/cold in the shop as well as equipment and other things related to ice/cold in exchange for coins gained from completing achievements and missions.]

'Fine, give me a description of his quirk.'

[D-Rank: Icicles is a quirk that allows the user to create sharp icicles that can be thrown at an opponent.]

'Simce I can't control ice and only create it's necessary for me to get my physique stronger.'

Kiyoko uses his quirk for the first time and an icicle around the length of his hand forms in his palm.

'Cold. I need to buy a quirk that will make me either immune or resistant to the cold for me to effectively use ice quirks otherwise I will be limiting myself.'

Kiyoko gets out of his bed and looks around his dirty and plain room.

'What type of person was the previous host system.'

[The previous host was a shy boy who would accidentally push others away with from him due to his shyness and come off cold to others. He was an orphan who was abandoned by his parents when he was born and left on the doorstep of a Christian church. He liked sweets, singing in the church choir and reading. He was given the name Kiyoko from the priest who adopted him. He was enrolled in Aldera Junior High where he scored slightly above average in all his grades.]

'So I need to act slightly cold towards others but still be shy in confrontations. Are there any achievements I can complete easily in a short amount of time.'

[Achievement: Get All A's In School.]

[Achievement: Meet The Main Character.]

[Achievement: Meet Bakugo.]

[These can all be accomplished very easily, succeeding in school will be easy due to the host's many lives of experience and superior intelligence and the other two achievements can be completed today.]

'Great I definitely need as many coins as I can possibly get, this body is weak with no type of resistance to the cold so I need equipment.'

Kiyoko showered, changed out of his clothes and did his normal morning procedure before saying goodbye to the priest and walking to school.

After a few hours of doing classwork at an extreme speed the bell rings and Kiyoko sees Bakugo and Deku just out of the corner of his vision and he passes them on his way out to lunch.

[Achievement: Meet The Main Character has been completed.]

[Achievement: Meet Bakugo has been completed.]

[Reward: 100 Coins.]

Kiyoko opens up the shop and scrolls through the pages of equipment, quirks and other things looking for something to boost his progress while he eats lunch.

'These two are pretty good options for the time being but the only worries I have are that someone will be able to tell if I have two quirks.'

[The host isn't in any danger of being found out of his secrets. The system will block any surveillance from outside.]

'Great purchase D-Rank: Ice Body and D-Rank: Frost Body.'

[Host has purchased D-Rank: Ice Body for 50 coins.]

[Host has purchased D-Rank: Frost Body for 50 coins.]

[D-Rank: Ice Body grants the user resistance towards the cold and makes the users body sharp and cold, just like ice. Making the users body a weapon itself, this gives an extreme advantage in close combat.]

[D-Rank: Frost Body grants the user resistance towards the cold and grants the ability to create an aura of frost around the user to harm and slow down his opponents body with every hit.]

Kiyoko's body turns cold and an chill comes to everyone around him as he buys his new quirks.

'Are you sure that these are only D-Rank? They seem to be pretty okay compared to other quirks I've seen here.'

[The quirks from the shop are graded by the systems standards, not by the standards of this world.]

'That would make sense, although I can't control the icicles I create to shape them, I can increase their sharpness and decrease their temperature so it's not a horrible quirk. Together with these three quirks my close combat potential increased exponentially, now all I need is time to increase my physical strength.'

Kiyoko goes home after the bell rings and trains to increase the range of his frost aura and the amount of icicles he can create before going to sleep after a long day of adjusting to his new life.

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