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MHA : Explosion


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Dying in the most gruesome way; favored and pitied by the GOD, he was given a second chance. In a New World without any knowledge of it, what would he do? So he decided to make it his own playground. But what if GOD decided to have the World with different twists and turns. Reborned in the My Hero Academia Universe without any specific knowledge of it, how can he treat the world as a book? Being reincarnated as a relative of an already written character, can he escape the hands of fate? Or will he grit his teeth whilst finding a way to enjoy his life? ------------------------------------------------------------------- *This is my very first book, I'm only writing for fun but I do intend to fully plan it out till the end so I do appreciate constructive criticism. *The MC is Katsuki Bakugo's Twin Brother. . . Without his annoying personalities *Average Words per Chapter: 900 - 1500 *3 - 5 Chapter / Week


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