12 Torture

Opening the door to Hana's room, All for One was just about to say good morning when he noticed that her bed was empty.

Raising an eyebrow he peered around the room, he soon spotted the hole in the window.

Rage started to boil up inside of him, slamming his fist against the wall, he shouted, "SEIJI!"

Nothing, he didn't hear nor sense Seiji anywhere near his person.

He was about to go look for him when Ryota, the man who had served Hana and him lunch the other day, ran towards him.

"What is it, Sir?" he asked frantically.

Pointing towards the room rage reflected in his eyes, he spat out between gritted teeth, "Where, is, Hannya?"

Ryota's eyes narrowed, "Sir, please relax, she might be in the training room or just somewhere in the facility.

Removing his hand from the hole in the wall, All for One straightened up, "You're right, I should think about this logically."

Taking a deep breath of air, he started walking away, "Ryota, you look for Seiji while I check the security cameras."

Nodding, Ryota reached into his pocket and took out his phone, "Of course, sir,".


Hana woke to the sound of heels hitting concrete. Opening her eyes, she looked around only to freeze remembering the events of yesterday.

Seeing the woman approach she tried to struggle free, but the only thing that her movement achieved was the slowly healing wounds on her back cracking open.

Hana grimaced as she felt her scabs opening, looking at the approaching woman, fear reflected in her eyes.

Her breathing began to quicken as the woman reached behind her back and pulled out a small switchblade.

Walking up to Hana the woman moved her face inches away from Hana's and whispered in a sultry tone, "You know I think the human body is fascinating."

Leaning in closer she placed her lips next to Hana's ear and whispered, "Especially when I can slowly take them apart."

Tears started to flow down Hana's terrified face, "No… no, please… Please don't." she pleaded a slight tremble to her voice.

A disappointed sigh left the woman's lips as she stepped back, "Now, now you know I can't do that."

"But… but why, I didn't do anything wrong?"

Flicking her hand the woman smiled, "Enough talk, let's begin."

(Torture ahead, you have been warned)

Seeing the now exposed blade Hana struggled against her constraints, as she pulled and rattled at her manacles, she felt the skin around her wrists slowly tear away.

Suddenly she felt something slice into her calf, for just a second she didn't feel anything and just hung there in silence.

A scream echoed through the warehouse as the pain struck, Hana wanted to move her leg away but couldn't since the woman was holding it tightly.

Another scream left her lips as the woman cut into her calf again, Hana felt the blood flow out of the deep cuts and over her calf.

The woman soon made her way up both of Hana's legs leaving deep gashes behind.

Standing up she cleaned her blood-stained knife on Hana's grey pajama pants with a lazy look on her face.

(Torture scene finished)

Looking at the floor with glazed-over eyes Hana was lost in her own world.


Opening her eyes Hana gazed at the open slightly clouded sky.

Reaching up, her hand outstretched, she tried grabbing the clouds to escape.

Sitting up she found herself on the porch of a Japanese shrine, placed on a massive expanse of water.

"Where am I?", she asked no one in particular.

"Your own mind." said a voice right next to her.

Whirling around, she was about to attack but when she saw the face of the person who spoke, she froze.


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