89 Rokubi

(Izuku Midoriya POV)

Jumping from one building to another I kept an eye out for any escapees.

They had been running rampant for the last few weeks ever since Shimura Tenko had set them free alongside his master.

Luckily I, with the help of the Pro heroes, had been able to capture a lot of them but we weren't the only ones going after the villains.

The organisation only known as the Akatsuki had for over a week now been cutting a bloody path through japan slaughtering heroes and villains alike.

I gritted my teeth, they had even killed a few friends of mine and captured Kota.

Landing on a nearby water silo, I closed my eyes, it wasn't the time to get angry.

If I lost control of my emotions I might just make a mistake and die.

I was just about to get going again when an explosion rang out across the city.

Spinning around I instantly saw what had caused it, a massive slug even bigger than the buildings around it was swinging its mass of tentacles around.

My eyes narrowed and I quickly jumped towards it using black whip to assist me in my movements.

As I drew nearer though the slug slowly began to disappear, screaming all the way.

Landing on top of one of the buildings overlooking the square the creature had been on, I looked down.

My heart sank as soon as I saw what had happened.

There in the centre of the square lay Bubble girl, she was missing all of her limbs and multiple holes seemed to have been shot through her, blood flowing out of each one.

My eyes then fell on the two cloaked figures, the Akatsuki, just like in the report there were two of them.

I gasped as they turned to me, one was Overhaul, his iconic bird mask replaced with a normal anti-infection mask.

While the other was Nine, a man I didn't expect to see again.

From what I remembered we had soundly defeated him, but then again his body had never been found.

'So you were captured by Hannya.' I thought to myself as I examined the two.

At first glance, they might have seemed normal, just as they had been when they were alive.

But I quickly noticed the cracks covering their faces and how their sclera was extremely dark.

"Get away from her!" I shouted at them, launching myself towards Overhaul at full speed.

They both instantly noticed me and raising his hand Nine set up a shield between us.

I instantly broke through it, but Overhaul had already moved out of the way, causing me to crash into the ground.

Feeling something approach my back through 'Danger Sense' I quickly jumped back against the far wall and an instant later a lightning bolt hit the place where I had been.

I was about to attack them again when I saw something on my peripheral.

Spinning around I gasped and had to cover up my mouth to stop myself from puking.

Next to me hung the mutalated form of Centipeder, the new leader of the Nighteye agency.

From what I could tell he must have been tortured, all the small legs covering his body had been removed and his eyes had been gauged out.

"You Bastards!" I cursed, as rage slowly began to consume me.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!" I screamed at them as I lunged towards them, a full power punch ready to be fired off.

This time I didn't miss, my fist collided perfectly with Nine's chest, causing it to explode.

But Overhaul didn't even flinch at the death of his partner and just grabbed for me.

I narrowly dodged the attack and sent a roundhouse kick his way but he jumped back.

Overhaul the crouched down weaved a few hand signs and a fireball erupted from his mouth.

My eyes widened in shock, it was the same ability both Kakaeru and Hannya had been shown to have.

I gritted my teeth and quickly dodged before shooting an airblast at Overhaul, which launched him across the square.

Smiling, I was about to run over and tie him up, but suddenly my 'Danger Sense' blared again, and something hit me in the back sending me flying.

I crashed into one of the shops lining the square, glass shards tearing my skin.

Cursing I slowly pulled myself out of the heap of books I had fallen into and staggered out of the shop.

"What the hell, how are you alive?"

There only a few dozen metres away from me, stood Nine, with not even a single blemish on him.

The only way anyone would know that he had been hit was the cloak which was now only hanging from one shoulder.

Nine grinned and began walking towards me his hand extended, but then just as he had passed the halfway point he stopped and grimaced.

"FINE!" he shouted, before turning on his heel and storming towards Bubble girl.

My eyes widened and I quickly stumbled out of the store only to see both Nine and Overhaul standing over the pro hero.

"I won't let you hurt her anymore!" I cried out as the lightning of full-cowl surrounded me.

Turning to me Overhaul crouched down, "Don't be foolish, Midoriya Izuku, you can't stop us."

He then chuckled and touched the ground, my eyes widened in fear as a massive wave of spikes came rushing towards me, and everything went dark.


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