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MHA AU is Mess Up


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Synopsis: Ash died just by saving someone and he chooses to reincarnate into another world as he doesn't want to stay in heaven. He somehow attended a game show where the world and power to be reincarnated with, were randomly chosen by wheels. With the power he got, the world is kinda mess up as reincarnators messing up the world. ---------------------- Author's Note: This is my first time writing fanfic and I'm not good at English as it, not my main language. The chapter's update might be slow as I have to think about the storyline for it. Please tell me if something wrong as I'm an inexperienced writer. I might write following the plot a bit but I will try to change the plot if I can. If you expect an MC that doesn't give a shit about Izuku then, I'm sorry because the MC will help Izuku to improve. There might be a lot of characters from a different world that was added into this world. *I don't own the cover art* *I don't own anything except my own original character*


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