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Metal Puppets


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What is Metal Puppets

Metal Puppets is a popular web novel written by the author durinde, covering FEMALE LEAD, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, MAGIC, SCI-FI, FEMALE PROTAGANIST, YOUNG ADULT, STEAMPUNK, YA, CLOCKWORK, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 37.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 3 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 63 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The global war ended two hundred years ago, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Nations fought until resources were almost completely exhausted. By the time a cease-fire was called, the ability to return to the pre-war industrial era was nearly impossible. With the lack of resources, humanity declined to a quasi-medieval society of city states. Now 200 years later "Metalmancers" or those with the ability to control and shape metal have started to appear. With these Metalmancers and their abilities to salvage and possibly operate pre-war technology, forces have started to come into play to vie for control, once again sending this scarred planet into war. Mand and Val are two such Metalmancers who have been living on their own for the past several years. With new forces in play and old enemies on their trail, will they be able to lean on each other to survive this new emerging world? ** It's really hard to fly a dragon made of metal. They could of made a bull, a horse, or really any simple device that could haul a wedge-shaped plow, but someone insisted that they try and build a bloody dragon. That someone now had her hands wrapped around Mand's waist and was having the time of her life. "See, I told you this was a great idea," Val exclaimed. "We'll have that field done in no time!" "You're not the one trying to steer this thing," Mand returned. "Now be a good sister and lower the tail so we can get to work." Mand felt Val shift her weight and suddenly become very still as she began to concentrate. Inside the shell of the dragon, a complex system of gears began to whirr and rotate. The dragon's tail began to curve beneath the belly of the construct, until the wedge-shaped tip curved towards the ground. Mand had her work cut out for her as well. She focused her mind on pumping the dragon's wings to keep aloft. The descended tail made the whole operation twice as taxing as it was before. The tail clicked in place and Mand began their pass towards the field below. "Are you sure this will work?" she questioned her sister. "It's my butt too," Val pouted. "You should have more faith in my plan!" Mand brought the dragon closer and closer to the earth. She began to sweat as the ground inched closer. Finally, at the edge of the field, the tip of the tail sunk into the soft earth, plowing a furrow as the dragon swooped along. When the dragon reached the far end of the field, Mand pumped the wings to get them back in the air. It was only when she brought the dragon around for another pass that she realized how hard she was breathing. "See, I told you this would work!" Val shouted happily, kicking her legs out as they approached the field once again. Mand felt darkness overtake her.