1 The Intro

"Tae You should find a boyfriend for yourself !! You are almost 20 and never even dated once c'mon." said a cute looking short guy. " Jimin let's not start talking on that topic again." Hello, my name is Taehyung. I'm a university student and study engineering here. The small mochi next to me is Jimin my best friend since kindergarten. We are lead singers and dancers of the group "AT3"

it's a three-member group the other member being Yoongi our other best friend he is the main rapper of the group.

Jimin has a huge crush on - "Hey!" said Yoongi coming toward us. "How are you doing Yoongi?" " I'm good Tae. Today we have to perform at the 'SweetNight" cafe at 6 pm. Be ready at 4 pm. I'll come to pick you up it will take us 45mins to reach there and then after a final rehearsal, we will perform. K?" I and Jimin nodded swiftly. Just then we heard a loud noise! We turned back and saw.....

Author POV

Hey guys so as many of you might figure out that this is a BTS fanfiction other groups will be involved as well. Don't worry Hobi won't be left single or be dating sprite 😅.Bye I Purple U 💜

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