Met You at The Game
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Met You at The Game


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What is Met You at The Game

Met You at The Game is a popular web novel written by the author KimiYorie, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, SURVIVAL, REINCARNATION, GAME, ACADEMY, ABILITIES, ALLEI, ZYLEE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 8.3K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 5 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Zylee, a girl who's a sassy, bitch yet a caring sister and daughter. Together with Zero, her brother, Kian, her childhood bestfriend, and Ivy, her teammate, winning a game which they didn't expect to be different. Zylee will meet a stranger which she will find interesting to be with. They need to survive the game to be able to come back for their family. The Game is more dangerous, deadly, bloody... so how can they? Many characters will come, revelations will be done, and a prophecy must be seen. C'mon and check it out!

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I really like the pace of the story: right off the bat you know that this girl is someone special who has a destiny, but she still takes the time to interact believably with the world around her so we know what kind of place she's really living in.


The story is indeed catchy as it transports you to another world of magic and fantasies. Writing - I really think that the author has a fun and unique style of writing this story. There were minor errors here and there but they can be easily corrected and they really don't affect the overall quality of the plot. Stability - for a new novel to have already this many chapters, I'd say the updates are really stable Characters - oh they are a lovely bunch and i think Zylee and I can be friends for we are both quite similar in being crackheads Development - this is the area where the author can improve. Sure, keeping the mystery at the start is nice, but in a work with another setting, I think all new terms should be defined first for the readers (or give them a headstart or general idea about it). I suggest you insert an auxiliary chapter with the 'definition of terms' of your creation so we can follow it closely as we read. This way, we can have a more vivid imagery of the world you created World - as I said, its really interesting and catchy Read this, everyone!


This story feels like a mashup of Hunger Games and Ender's Game. I'm a couple chapters in and this story is pretty cool. The MC is rude to everyone but it's a great set up for character development for later on. The other world building is really interesting My only issue is the grammatical errors but that's about it. Overall, cool story!


I like the pace of the story. I love the start. Though there are inconsistencies with the tense, it is still a good read. I love the story a lot.


Hit it off with a strong start! I'm looking forward to read more. Hehe. Thanks for recommending this to me! Constructive: There are some inconsistencies with tenses and structure but that can be fixed by major editing. Keep it up, author! Keep writing!


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