1 Chapter One

• Harry's point of view •

History class. Boring but I like it. As usual I'm drawing in history class. Today we are taking about World War I and to be honest, I know about it.

I always sit at the last desk in the corner. I usually draw. The teachers are used to this thing with me. I'm a good student though!

"Styles! When did the first world wars take place? " I heard my teacher asking with a serious voice.

I raised my head and looked her in the eyes. "July 28th, 1914 until November 11th, 1918" I said and I got back to my drawing.

The teacher stared at me for a few seconds and then continued.

And after a half hour that seemed like centuries the bell rang. I was gone to the bathroom and when I came back I heard something.

"...a new student." said Niall. New student? Maybe I heard wrong.

"New what?" I said when I arrived at the boys.

"Oh, tomorrow a new student will come in our classroom. They say he is mysterious and behaves like an asshole when they try to approach him" said Zayn and Liam nodded.

I sighed. "Ok..." I said when the bell rang again. We went to the changing room.

"I have an announcement!" the coach yelled and clapped his hands so we all looked at him.

"In two weeks, on Saturday, we will play a soccer game with another high school! I want all of you until next Friday to come at 6AM for training at the field! Don't fail!" he finished and he looked at me.

"Why he looked at me?" I whispered to Niall.

"Because lately, Mr. Styles, you are not playing very well in the games! For this reason, be careful not to resent us." he raised an eyebrow and he left to the field.

We joined the field too. "Run! Ten rounds! Go!" He said whistling.

The weather was cold so this was kinda hard. But I'm not gonna let the guard fall! I'll prove that I'm better that the coach thinks!

After the training I was sweaty despite the cold weather. I took a towel and wiped myself.

"What was that? OOF!" I said and I went on the showers. I took a quick shower while the boys were waiting for me on my black Jeep.

When I arrived to them, I jumped on the car's hood. The boys were talking about the new guy.

"Let's hope we are not gonna get in trouble with him. Let's not deal with him and he will not deal with it either. "I said, ending the discussion indifferently, getting off the hood.

I got in the car. The boys came too. Why they care? We have the best reputation and we are famous in school. He is not gonna care!

I got the boys home and then I got to mine. I was exhausted and all I wanted is to sleep!

"Hey baby. How was school today?" my mom asked when I got into the house. I put the keys on the hook on the wall and I took off my shoes.

"Fine... I'm tired! We have a game on Saturday and I'm dead from the training. I wanna sleep." I said going to the stairs.

"You want something to eat dear?" she asked.

I shook my head no and I went upstairs in my room. I took off the clothes I had, I put on a suit and light pants and went to bed. I immediately fell asleep if you think about the exhausting training at school.

Two hours after I slept, my phone rang and woke me up. "What?" I answered the phone.

"Hey, do you want to come here? To do the work for school together?! There are the other boys too." said Zayn.

"Ok, I'll be there in 10." I said and I picked off the phone. I got up, I wore blue jeans and a black warm hoodie, I looked in the mirror and put on a cap almost hiding my curls and I went down with my school bag.

"Where are you going?" my mom asked from the kitchen. I put on my shoes and I grabbed the car keys.

"We have a work for the school and we'll do the work together with the boys." I said. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and I opened the door.

"You smell amazing" she said smiling. I smiled too and I closed the door.

Zayn's house where some blocks farther away from mine. In 5 minutes with the car I was there.

"Hey! Welcome to the big boy!" Liam said and opened his arms. I smiled and gave him a bro fist and I got in.

"Come. We also ordered pizza!" Zayn said and he moved some inches on the couch so I can stay.

Niall came in the living room from the kitchen with a glass of water. He left it in from of me on the table. I shook my head thank you and he sat on the couch too.

"Why is so warm in there?" I asked and I took off my cap revealing my brown curls. Liam smiled and put his hand on my hair messing it up.

"Oh common Liam!" I said with a smile on the tip of my mouth. He laughed with the other boys.

The house's bell rang. Zayn got up from the couch looking for money. Then he went and opened the door taking the box of pizza and closing the door behind him.

"Guys, did you found anything for the work before coming?" I said while eating.

"Oh, we searched but as you like history we thought is better to wait for you." Liam answered. I nodded and took another bite of my slice.

After eating we started the work. Was a project actually. History project. We had to write about the years 1900-1918. The years before and until the end of World War I.

We started search on the web, I shared my knowledge with them and 3 hours later we finished.

As everytime, after the project we scrolled on our social media and disguise about stuff.