1633 This bath barrel is so big

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"Alright, we digressed. There's nothing to talk about things you haven't even seen." Feng Jiu smiled and raised her hand, motioned to the two people to stop bickering. She then turned to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. "Do you want to go back and take a bath?"

Xuanyuan Mo Ze moved his gaze and a dim light flashed in the depth of his eyes. He stared at her and answered, "Yes."

"Alright! Then, let's go! " She put the Qingfeng sword away, oblivious to the profound look in his eyes. She reached out to hold his hand and left with him.

Watching the two leave, Gray Wolf put his hand around Shadow One's shoulder and said mysteriously, "Hey, did you see Master's meaningful gaze?"

He glanced at Gray Wolf and shook his hand off. "Go away!" Shadow One then strode off to follow the couple at a medium distance. 

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