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Merging Xianxia Universes


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What is Merging Xianxia Universes

Read Merging Xianxia Universes fanfiction written by the author CosmicPrime on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Reborn in a new universe of not just one. Not just two. But three of your favorite series combined! What would you do? Well for Luke and his favorite cousin after falling to the whims of mysterious ghosts, they discover Against the God, Martial World, and Martial God asura has...a lot more depth to them? Surely these power-hungry universes should've torn them alive but this isn't the usual reincarnation tale. Luke with the aid of his special ghostly soul, experiences an adventurous new but similar universe uncovering the unknown depths to this place, and enjoying this different cultivation life to the fullest! For anyone that's confused this isn't a two MC story, The story will mainly focus on the Male while the Female is more of a major character.


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For a not so popular story, this one has some great writing qualities and interesting elements. And for those who are wondering this isn't a two MC story, the female cousin is only a side character. Furthermore, the Original MCs haven't appeared at all in the story. Though this story isn't perfect, there are things that are worthy of praise. Positives: Like I mentioned before the writing quality for this story is surprisingly great and generally chapters, sometimes, flow really well. The cheat like powers the MC has as well is interesting but it doesn't make him too Op. For the world, it's a unique concept of combining three novels together and so far we'll still exploring the beginning areas of this universe. The characters of the original novels are generally the same, though some side characters get some changes. The MC has a fun enough to read personality. And for the heroines, their relationships get expanded on an enjoyable way to read. Even when the MC gets together quite quickly, they at least take the time to get to know each other and feel each other out. Though there is a reason why they get together so quickly. Negatives: Especially prevalent in the beginning parts of the story are long parts where the MC shows of his prowess to prove a point. It's not terrible but these scenes could be cut down majorly or the MC could find other ways to prove his point. Things tend to be slower in the early chapters, and while I understand it's for world-building and character building, the story could often long-winded during these times. At least now the plot seems to be picking up the pace. The power system and cultivation as well need to explain more thoroughly so readers can have a sense of what going on and not be confused since the story already puts out a lot of realms. All in all, I would say this fanfic is definitely worth checking it and it has the potential to be something great.


I honestly love the story it actually feels fresh to read with the ideas and for me unique concepts you have included. I find myself very much looking forward to seeing where you go with the novel. I have a few questions since you took a new approach to it but I honestly would prefer not to ask them and look forward more to reading and finding out when the time comes. I find it sad that so far the other reviews have been less favourable not letting the novel show its uniqueness before forming an opinion. For anyone thinking of reading a few things that might clear up some potential misunderstandings. First, we have both a male and female MC, though as of chapter 16 the male feels more focused on in the way they interact with others but strength wise they are about the same overall. For me having the two of them is also a point of interest and something I look forward to seeing how things develop due to their differences in character including whether or not they will stay together. Then the combined world is Martial World, ATG (Against the Gods) and MGA (Martial God Asura). So far I haven't noticed any real links to Martial World but I may have forgotten about some things as it has been a while since I read it. Also, consider it all AU. Due to it being a combined world many things have changed and many have continued as it was. Read it to spot these differences. Someone complained about following the original MC but that is wrong. It is NOT the original MC, pay attention to the details and you will realise it. Also as it is AU, cannon is out the window, there are too many differences to rely on past knowledge and the male MC barely has any, the female has none. I hope the things I have said do not count as a spoiler since I feel I have more expanded on the Synopsis and the tags more than reveal the story or any events that happen.


Well its well written compared to standard quality on this website. It will require atleast 100 chaps for more accurate review Starting choice and progression is good. Choice of heroines is also ok. Mc has good cheats and quick progression is appreciated. No long separation is also a good part(will see if it holds true in future) Now here are thigs I dislike People seem out of character compared to original novel. Mc conviniently forgets storyline and details. Mc and his team try act cool but it seems immature at times. The times they 'reveal' their powers and hidden talents aree too much!! They go showing off one by one covering most of the chapter with someting that lost it appeal after few times. It seems quite boring and childish so I feel the need to skim that section.


incredible! Mc has an interesting personality, the story follows a pleasant pace, neither slow nor too hurried. the characters' personality is not empty, the progress of the MC's relationship with the girls is good. the mix between the worlds created an interesting new scenario, including several changes in the original plots, I honestly have nothing to complain about this novel. please continue with the good work author!


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This is a great story. Much better writing quality than a lot of the other stories on this site. I definitely recommend trying it out for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. For why this story’s not more popular that could be because of your tags or whatever category you’ve put it in. I recommend looking at the tags for stories like man against the gods and seeing what they listed it as so you can get more views.


al principio no le tenia confianza, pero ahora estoy atrapado en la novela, al menos lea 20 capitulos y critiquen con bases, sigue con el gran trabajo amigo .............................................................




A good story with a lot of potential.,................................... ........................................... ........................




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