Merge of Elements
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Merge of Elements


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What is Merge of Elements

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In the beginning the world was barren, empty, no life can be found and no world can be seen, but something change when a dot of light emerges out of nowhere, from that moment the world lead to a great change. Everything was slowly being developed, Elements, Realm, Individuals, Creature, Gods, Angels even Demons and then the history continues on. But that's all change when a Lost Spirit unexpectedly gains something that no one has ever approach. Start from that everything changes; he finished the current history and brought out a new one; He establishes his own reputation around the realm, drives his enemy afraid just by hearing his name, he engraves his name from everywhere he appeared from. From a mortal to a deity. he is called 'Silva’ ===== >.< ===== Update: 10/19/19 I change the synopsis again and also change the novel name (previously "The Thing Called 'SYSTEM') -+- Full disclosure, English is my 2nd Language and if ever my grammar's improper or something, please point it out so I can fix it immediately, also this is my 2nd time writing a novel, but the other one is not even finished and I already stop updating on it. -+- One more thing I don’t have an editor if you ever wonder I'm using (ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and Language Tool, etc.) to review and adjust some grammar/words so you can read it easily and without an issue but that also mean it will take me a little longer to upload a new chapter so please understood.


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Heyo :3 Author's here just a heads up thank you for reading my novel and if you can find some words with wrong grammar, please point it out for me. Thanks <'3


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


As a person who also writes a book about getting a system, I can say that the story is going to a good place, And as you said your grammar isn't that good XD, Neither is my grammar good. anyhow good book and keep it up.


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