1 men of the harem explained

Hello my dear readers , this is a panel specialised to discuss the theories we global fans have about this new discovery of ours even its not much of a new novel rather a translation of a master peace that existed for awhile in its original language that being korean ...

without further do let's talk about the actual novel..

there has been a lot of speculations and theories laying around so I decided as a an enthusiast about this creation and a self proclaimed theorist and as a k_drama veteran I thaught why not bless my fellow readers with my knowledge and have fun with it if you made it this far reading That's great I assure you I won't disappoint you ...

so (spoiler alert): since the actual mistery started with the note I'm gonna start my deductions from that chapter as the previous chapters didn't contain much mistery and it seemed like a normal reverse harem story with not much food for the imagination, whilst I'm sure most of us thaught she's in to pick one prince and kick the others turns out most of them are there for life , But since latil herself wouldn't forbid them most of them will leave as soon as chooses one to be an official prince concert but I'm sure most of you deducted that now for the real crispy crisp details that had us all shook .


number one : kallain past with Latil: Im sure we all had a moment where we were exclaiming how does kallain claims to know latil since birth, before birth even that latil herself shook her head and discarded it as it didn't make sense but when u lool at the worl they live in where dark mages , healing priests exist , every logic is thrown out of the window , so kallain maybe wasn't being nonsensical but he meant every word some chapters later we find that his skin is cold he doesn't look like a human after he wakes up even though I wonder why does he need sleep or food because edward collin surely didn't (joke), couple chapters later and we see this dream where a women of great imoprtance to him dies in his dream . my theory is simple the women is Latil and she was his lover or maybe even wife not sure his status or hers at that time being but one thing is for sure she is the women he knew before birth so he is not an edward collin but a stephan salvator if you know what I mean and she is the katherin that's the conclusion I can come up too , entering the palace was not to only meet the incarnation of his long lost love only but to protect her from her brother who came back from the death by a yet not known method or reason .

2_ tralla is alive and he will hit soon:

as you've all seen from the events of the story everything gives us one obvious fact , tralla is indeed alive his nature is not yet discussed but he might be the lord or a goblin or maybe even a vampire, a bad one I suppose.

*** to be continued